Advice to webmasters create sites that are available and accessible

for Accessible search, a website administrator who most often ask is: how can I improve my website ranking in Accessible Search? At the same time, webmasters will ask a similar, but the broader question: how can I improve my website ranking in Google search?

I’m glad to tell you that there is a way to shoot two hawks with one arrow: you can build up and improve some key properties such as website, web site navigation, so it can service for all users, including Google robot. Here are some tips for you to refer to.

ensures that all important content is properly accessed by

this point, my station free fiction network on a lot of effort. A lot of wrong pages are hand crafted.

in order to enable users to get content, you must ensure that these contents are accessible. The user and search engine robots are obtained by means of the page content of hypertext links, so the first step is to ensure that all key content on your site can be via a pure HTML hypertext link access to, and avoid the key part of the site is JavaScript or Flash technology to hide.

pure hypertext links refer to links generated by HTML anchor elements. Next, we want to make sure that all hypertext links point to the target, that is, the elements are real URL, rather than an empty, true link behavior that has been moved to click on the link on the trigger controller. Product Catalog

in short, avoid the following form of hypertext links:

we recommend simpler links, such as:

Product Catalog

make sure the content is readable,

only has readability, web content can play a role. Make sure that all the important content on your site is presented in the form of a HTML file and you can get it without evaluating the script on the page. For Google robots and the vast majority of unsuspecting users, the content behind the Flash animation and the text generated by the executable JavaScript on the browser side are still unreadable.

ensures that the content is presented to the reader in the order in which it is suitable for reading

After the

gets readable content, users want to follow the logical reading order. If most of the content on your site takes a complex, multi column layout, you might as well go back and consider how you can achieve the desired results. For example, using a deep nested HTML table can make it difficult to keep the relevant text in accordance with the logic


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