n the face of powerful Renren give the school’s SNS website ideas

two months ago, a friend asked me to do a college SNS have a chance? I believe that the problem of friends will be denied, renren.com in College SNS field has been occupying most of the share of Tencent, friends have followed, a big friend said that since the school network (now renren.com in BBS) opened a lot less on students.

in a Zhongshan University recruitment meeting, our company more than 60 students to come to the interview to ask a question, you have what SNS website? The 100% of the students in renren.com has registered accounts, two students at the same time on other platforms opened accounts. Although it is a small area of investigation, it can also prove the influence of Renren in college. But they hardly ever even graduate from Renren. Why is that? If you’re interested in SNS, welcome to Liu Zijun’s blog to talk to me.

renren.com while at SNS site in the area is very strong, and constantly enhance the interactive experience, but he is just an interactive communication platform that can provide the corresponding meticulous service to various people, which is the bottleneck of the development of renren.com. In fact, simply enhancing the user experience is not enough, we must create value for the user, to provide a close relationship chain, and better solve the actual needs of users, will have more long-term expansion space. This does not mean that we should challenge all networks, but through the refinement of services to highlight the difference, so as to obtain new development space. What is the actual needs of the real user? Then I will tell you from the point of view of a student user.

, the first event: if you are a class cadre, sometimes need to be responsible for planning and coordinating system inside some of the group’s activities, such as basketball competition, entrepreneurship competition and so on, in addition to planning and co-ordination, also need to pull back some sponsorship activities, when you do not have the human resources situation, is to find their own very difficult, but also promote students to know to participate in or watch, if there is a platform to support you with you to do these things, it will be much more smoothly.

second, job recruitment: students will find part-time job in their spare time, accumulate more experience for themselves, so after graduation to find a better job, it is also very common, each school will regularly or engage in some campus recruitment. But I have a campus recruitment will be responsible for the people talked about, in addition to the official school recruitment will be organized, a school or a department organized recruitment convened enterprise is a very difficult thing, because the number of students in some are not guaranteed, so enterprises have concerns, but the most important thing is to let the students know the recruitment information more difficult, after all, the university curriculum time is not fixed, they have no school official propaganda resources, we can only use the QQ group, the forum of the Institute, and so on renren.com to know there are alumni where the information, but the effect is only a general.

third, venture capital:


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