Tell me how submitted the site successfully to the DMOZ directory

after a year long submitted Road, yesterday, the chance to open the website of DMOZ, a query their website has been directory included, then the excited blood boiling, you know, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Want to know how my station is how to log into the directory, but also listen to me slowly.

my site is a wedding celebration industry professional website, the station is not a very long time, about three years or so, and I for the construction site at first is not very understand, as they slowly understand slightly know a smattering of knowledge website optimization. Last year a chance, to see an article on the website, the importance about the site is DMOZ directory included, then he is not doing too much, just log in directly DMOZ address: to log in, because at that time for the DMOZ directory included the demand is not very understanding, as can be imagined DMOZ may not included my website.


in September, after studying and understanding for a long time, I once again submitted his site: Ji’nan wedding company, this time, because it is well prepared, in addition to detailed reading the submission requirements, and I also check with my related websites, they are committed to what in a class, submit sites, every day the original content updates on its website, about thirty days after the submission, through the website backstage, see DMOZ editors login once my website, browse several industry, when they are very excited, but I think it should be, and disappointed, ten days later, the site has not been included. So I tentatively to the editors wrote a letter of thanks, the letter is about the content that * * * *: Dear Editor: Hello! Thank you for your selfless dedication, thank you for my website editing! Address: * * * * * * *, site name: communism.


sent the mail, he gradually forgot about it. In November 10th, 10 in the morning, there’s a group of friends asked everyone who site is DMOZ included? A word to remind me, I opened the DMOZ website, in the search box above the first input: Ji’nan wedding company a few words, soon show and no relevant website inside next, I have the information input: a wedding company, soon return to relevant website: a total of three and second: the website is: Ji’nan day dream wedding company, ha ha, this is my website name, that he couldn’t help laughing, their efforts have been rewarded how many day and night, write articles, update the site, finally have a harvest, life once again taste the thrill of success.

below, I simply said that when the website submits the matters needing attention, has not been possible, asks everybody to correct me!


1, when submitting a website, be sure to submit >


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