New store failure to run the lesson Taobao shop really anxious


Taobao culture has a keyword that is speed, people began to do autumn in early July, and you still build the summer explosion models, while others put the flow ports occupied, in this quarter or even a year in the competition, you will be defeated. Although this is a very realistic problem, but this speed is relatively speaking, specific problems should be analyzed in detail.

recently read a case, a rich two generations, with the help of my father, got 1 million yuan of venture capital fund. Began to play Taobao, the original price of 32 yuan of men’s T-shirt, take 16 yuan mail way to promote, a day sold more than 5000 pieces, but did not do too many related sales. In the late stage, he stepped up the price, became 39, 59 yuan, 109 yuan, three pieces of mail, every day into the straight car and diamond booth costs 5000-8000 yuan, 2 months sold nearly 20 thousand pieces. But I lost $300 thousand when I checked the ledger. The next step is how to go, he himself is also confused.

and the other one started from the grassroots, and started a job as an artist, operation, customer service and delivery in 2011. Second years, the scale of development to 10 people, when sales were 2 million 800 thousand yuan, advertising costs 460 thousand yuan, net profit of 300 thousand yuan. He insisted on one principle is not to do explosion money, do not do business at a loss, promotion costs must not exceed 15% of the cost, insist on doing old customer marketing. In third years, he began to implement the project system, 2 people to be responsible for the operation of a market shop, from the art, operations, customer service and so on by these two people completed, the advantage is that 20% of the commission. This year the sales volume is 5 million 200 thousand yuan, the advertisement expense is 620 thousand yuan, the pure profit is 500 thousand yuan.

is the biggest difference between the two is the first way to expand too fast, but the basic skills are relatively poor, so even in the short term can get more traffic, to achieve more sales, but the final reckoning is still at a loss. That is, a typical step will lead to an egg. The second is small and steady, adhere to the principles of beauty, is the long-term strategy, when the 3 year plan, found that there are competitors, and into the 7 year plan, will be found around the competitors have all fallen.

coincidentally, the mistakes we made before our shop were exactly the same as those of the first. At first, the boss’s strategy was to keep getting new, because he believed in the choice of styles and that buyers would place orders. The most crazy half a month on the new 200 models, but these models are almost zero sales, so it is tantamount to doing useless work. Later, through a promotional event last April, more than 900 items were sold that day. The minimum dress is 6.5 yuan, more than 10 yuan 5, 6 models, through a day of promotion, although sold a lot, but when the cost of accounting, loss of 80 thousand yuan. The latter is through 90 percent off spike, and then ladder to the price


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