Peng Yucheng details of the enterprise network display advertising release

Network advertising friends know the delivery of Internet advertising is divided into many types of

know, like CPM, CPA, CPC, CPS etc. are several kinds of network advertising form our most common, Peng Yucheng to discuss with you today is a monthly display advertising, now almost extinct on the form. Monthly Internet display advertising should be in a few years ago is very popular, large and small sites will be pulled to the monthly advertising to hang every kind of money, but I have not experienced the kind of good things, a little regret. While a friend recently for analysis of the effect of network advertisement opportunity, pondering about the part of small and medium enterprises on the Internet advertising view, feel a lot of misunderstanding, the following one by one analysis, if there are other views, welcome and Peng space honest communication.

SME opinion:

1, put on monthly display advertising, than other types of advertising cost-effective

: when a station is 10 thousand IP / day, enterprises put a banner advertising on the site, he would think that at least every day most people see his advertising, etc. after the use of as to how many people click how to buy his product is after, although now people do not click. But does not mean that the future is not on.

think: This belongs to a case on purpose is not clear, what kind of network advertising form is most suitable for us, we put on the Internet advertising what is the purpose of these is the key problem is figuring out blindly on monthly display advertising. The main site is quite satisfactory, because as long as we put the main website, website daily visits, the popularity of what, no people click on our ads do not have to worry about him, he knows we are amateur.

2, network advertising effects do not care, data analysis is not important,

original intention: each other website daily visit quantity is very high, ALEXA ranking is also good, is the industry’s leading web site, anyway, I have to continue to vote on it. For data analysis is not the most important, as long as my product ads put up, I will be satisfied.

thinking: ALEXA rankings can brush up, false traffic data can also brush up, why take this to refer to it?. This web site can give our products bring downloads, sales much? Perhaps this is our Internet advertising on the most important, moreover, since it is a leading industry website, the monthly price of natural cheap, if not effective sales, everything is empty.

because of the limited space, Peng Yucheng will temporarily raise the above two serious problems. In addition, Peng Yucheng has several suggestions for small and medium enterprises’ online advertising to encourage friends who are putting in monthly ads:

1, the purpose of putting on display ads

I’ve summed up 3 goals: branding, promotions, promotions and sales. >


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