Quit doing standing half month income over 10000 real feelings talk about

has been doing station when a free webmaster idea, but the fear of lack of ability so dare to quit his job, just when the new year’s day, the company’s financial problems for most employees, so I resigned, although once faced the pressure of unemployment, but at the same time feel this is an opportunity to try just I can do independent station. At that time, ask some webmaster to do what stand, they all suggest starting from the flow station. I listened to their proposal, one is to do picture station, one is to do QQ station, feel at that time the space that picture station takes is too big, rental space is more expensive also, so chose to do QQ station.

do QQ station, I consider that, because although QQ station flow but the competition is also large, was considered for a long time, decided to do a QQ character signature station, because the index is larger and less easy to update the long tail word. After all, there is just one momentum, say to do do, "to register a domain name, which is QQ character signature spelling initials,.COM, has been registered other people over, so I chose a.ORG domain name weight anyway that suffix can be. The early stages of the site, all earnest updates every day, basically every one is sent by the pseudo original, but after all, is a new station is a new domain name – no weight, in front of two or three weeks only then dozens of IP, but I don’t feel disappointed because I also know that new sites not so fast weight gain, instead of feeling a little lucky because the two and thirty IP are based on the domain name, the domain name registration to not good, not good is zero. After a month of efforts to update the article and continue to do the chain, the site had a little improvement, Google keyword QQ character signature row to the third page, some out of order words, every day there are two hundred or three hundred IP website.

, but depressed, it seems to be Baidu down right, and even search qqgxqm can not find their own station. After more than a month, the website in Google keyword performance is very good, has been to eleventh, after the update the PR value PR to 2, the flow is about 1 thousand, but Baidu is still no weight even 1 IP have not changed the site, angrily the title, Google was soon to reflect the updated basic is not what effect, but Baidu snapshot back. In the third month, I was a bit downhearted at that time, although the keyword QQ character signature were on the first page of Google, but Baidu is still in the lower right not to flow, although Google keyword ranking is good but the search volume is low, the site in March, the flow is less than 2 thousand IP for more than 1 thousand. QQ IP this station only utterly worthless. And I have three consecutive months without income, was a bit nervous, always ask myself what is not doing this for the material, want to give up to go back to work so well, but hard to watch their three months as they feel like giving up the site value >


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