The product analysis of WeChat’s revelation 1 the user is God

/ Wang Hongqi,

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in March 2011 released the first version of WeChat, with the mobile Internet and intelligent mobile phone penetration of the tide, to all-powerful potential across the Internet, whether it is the explosive growth of the number of users, or the activity of users, WeChat in the industry has set a new benchmark. Whether it is PC Internet hegemony QQ, or in the mobile phone cultivation for many years of upstart, all feel the pressure WeChat brings. The reputation of the person known as lest destroy, that is caused by the Tencent but powerful operation promotion ability, similar products, such as rice chat, unfamiliar street, if by Tencent inherent advantages and marketing ability, also is not necessarily better than the micro channel.

this article attempts to make an analysis of WeChat from the product level, while comparing the other products in the industry, we hope to attract people’s attention, and we welcome criticism.

related products are used in the Android platform, their version number is as follows:

WeChat 5, referring to a small portion of the 5.2

mobile QQ 4.5

360 guards 4.6

360 mobile assistant 1.9.256

cool music 6.1 and older

application treasure 3.7

mobile Butler 4.6

NetEase news, 3.7

knows about 1.8

1. users are God


user is our God, we all work is done around the user, the user is corresponding we return to, so when you are confused, you don’t know, at a loss when doing the right things, do not know whether or not to do these things, or do not know when to do what things should be. Pay attention to the user, pay attention to the needs of users. Users should be the center of everything we do and the compass. Therefore, we should analyze the user’s pain point, to analyze the needs of users, to analyze the trend of user demand, to analyze the contradictions in user needs. The analysis is not practical, not behind and are also more step from real, to high demand, and a bit.

1.1 strengthens C’s sense of belonging and presence

here is the initial WeChat 5.2 version of the boot interface, there are people in the vast sky so care about you, like a Hollywood like treatment is not the same, when you feel overwhelmed by an unexpected favour advantages, you join WeChat, for the first time, there are people who remember. WeChat’s public account slogan, "small individuals, also have their own brand", is it can move all living beings, unknown to you and me, and Hu Shi’s name?


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