Why is your soft Wen always bad comment

believe that many webmaster have such problems, you write the text is always bad comment. In fact, I often encounter this situation, not easy to spend one or two hours to write out the soft Wen, people not only appreciate, but you don’t have motives, even abuse. Being criticized for a lot of evil, I began to reflect on my words, where annoying, summed up the reasons for, probably the following:

1. article appears in the web site, as long as it is in the text of the web site, there must be a bad review.

2. article is too outstanding. The so-called "highbrow", outstanding, inevitably envy.

3., most of the bad comments are webmaster, can not allow others to advertise their website. "The man without a smile, fun trick.

thinking, not to be scolded, and will be bad for the other way round.

1. article, do not appear your website, appear the website of the person that reviews. But I am not able to foresee the generation, more than the gods, it seems that this point is not possible.

The 2.

not outstanding, to naive, to be easy to be, inferior, everyone can understand at a glance. This is not easy to do, because some people are seeing someone else’s article scold, even look at titles began to curse.

3. write articles marked not let Adsense see. Add brackets to the title. Thus, the title is too long.

Oh, what a mess. It seems that it is not easy to be criticized.

, look here, you might call me names:


, you’re not the title party,


please don’t call me in such evil names. My title is not "why your soft Wen is always bad comment", I have listed three reasons, so it is not the title of the party.

solution, no one can use, you are not a flicker of this person,


please don’t take me for a liar. This article is not to help you is not bad, but rather that evil is offered, the so-called bad comments are not Tastes differ all tastes., is impossible, so bad what the hell with her


isn’t that all bullshit? What’s the point of your article,


please don’t look at this article with rubbish. Even if is such a contradictory, text style lax, unknown articles, I have bad reviews what let her go "express, also let you understand, this is the meaning of this is enough, so you bad all hell for me


in short, those bad comments are non objective and emotional products, and they don’t seem to care. So don’t take the mistakes of others to punish yourself.

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