Two or three aspects of group buying website operation

now buy network code is everywhere, and find a code to do a group buying network, is simple, can no longer be a simple matter, but how to do a good buy network operation,


my understanding of the types of shopping networks:

A: around the consumer nature, comment nets, handle nets, QQ group such sites.

B: professional vertical group buying nature, 36 group,


C: target is not clearly positioned.. That’s a lot.

above, that is, the estimated results have been, it is inevitable omissions, but also ask you to see the amount of webmaster.

is a form of network group purchase group every day, but after all, here in our business Co., and a city of possibility of hundreds of group purchase network there will be many, such as Shanghai, Beijing, the first-tier cities, but the network group purchase more, relatively constant business resources, how to get the merchant discount resources effectively. Effective access to business information, this is a painful choice faced by each group purchase website, need to be insightful to visit these entities of service providers, then the line under the push force and the cost will rise gradually, in the end will only become a few share territory. The market that buys everywhere is sure to cause the industry reshuffle soon after the transition mining.

is still eager to join the army of the Master group purchase net revenue should need to be cautious and reflection, choose their own strengths, combined with their own cognitive and network resources of the network group purchase side positioning and effective key network group purchase is actually not too suitable for college students to do not have much experience, and now B2C the electronic commerce website, turned to the industry to do the vertical group purchase easy, the inventory is processed through the form of group purchase. This is also a channel.

for the new line and the upcoming group buying brothers, individuals to point to:

1 learns to unite vertically and vertically. We are all small, is in need of cooperation, each site will have the positioning of different user groups, each site without the ability to maintain every day new product release group purchase we can share resources, then, to earn their reasonable profit.

2 has the resources to look at the possibility of industry vertical group purchase, for example, familiar with the clothing industry friends, in the clothing worn on the occasion, discussion with shops or factories, clearance properties of group purchase, usually seasonal clothing 1-2 months in the morning than in the season, seasonal product profit, I will not say.

3 in the process of using the group purchase, through guidance form of notice in the merchant’s terminal portal, promote their sites to do it, I took part in the handle when using coupons, group purchase, and I did not find the handle group purchase information, only the cinema homemade information, failure in terminal marketing.

4 group after the occurrence of business guidance and service tracking, do not engage in a hammer trading, and the need to store a total of


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