The project manager should have 5 product basic capabilities

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perhaps you might wonder: what does a project manager know about product capabilities? Have you got enough to eat? That’s what the product manager should do. In many Tencent project manager are in fierce competition and rapid changes in the environment of Internet products, we can clearly feel the Internet environment to participate in each product capacity requirements, this is a "everyone is a product manager of the environment, this is more of a" product oriented "environment. As an important role of project manager, project manager needs to meet the requirement of Internet product environment.

What are the basic product capabilities of the

project manager? Here are some of the capabilities we discussed:

needs to understand the ability of analysis (* * *)

Evaluation of

(* * *) demand value

(* * * demand cracking)

product awareness (commercial awareness, user awareness) (* * *)

product experience (what good and bad, which fortunately) (

.)The application of

(* *) scene reduction ability of

user feedback processing ability (


operation data analysis ability (


competitive analysis (*

) abilityThe importance of

application of Moscow principle on the ability to do a simple sort, three stars, two stars Have Must said that Should Have, a star Have (Nice to Have Could), and PM work more closely the higher the star, as well as the PM to select the top 5 products have 5 basic capabilities. It’s important to note that there are a lot of product capabilities, but here is just one part of the list. Do you have any suggestions or different opinions?

product development stems from demand, so we voted to put demand related capabilities to the highest star level.

"software requirements are a communication problem."." –Mike Cohn

, and PM is like a bridge, a bridge between products, development, and testing that takes on communication, understanding and collaboration.

demand lysis ability as an example, usually the product manager presented a characteristic (Vip game player invite community friends to play), looks very simple, general product manager team hope the rapid development of delivery, but once it will find more, there are many places that are not taken into account, finally or not delivered on time, or repeated modifications. It has an important effect is the demand for cracking ability, if the PM team depth of user scenarios is discussed. The analysis of interaction process and execution path, we can split into multiple characteristics of specific characteristic (for example: F1.1. was added to invite friends after the game, both sides automatically become friends; "


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