Nine breakthrough methods of pioneering websites from the long march of the Red Army

saw the TV play "Long March" a while ago, and was deeply impressed by the dauntless revolutionary spirit of the workers and peasants, the Red Army and the Communist party. My red army can win the Long March, relying on superior courage and strategy. The valuable experience gained by the long march is also of great significance to the present production and life. Below I from the long march summed up the entrepreneurial site of the nine breakout method

one, stick to it.

, the long march from 1934 to 1936, is a miracle in human history. In two years time, the Red Army was fourteen, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of enemy breakthrough blockade, sing the strategic shift to triumph, is the human history of modern wars, mortals wrote heroic epic. I overcame numerous difficulties of the Red Army, insisted in the end, I keep the final of the Red Army for effective strength, the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the liberation of the whole country has made a great contribution.

When the

site was created, due to lack of resources and talent, must have a hard and long development period, many to survive and seek development, today is a pain, tomorrow is painful, the day after tomorrow is happy, many people died in tomorrow night. Whether it is site or business, should learn to stick to the ideals, persist in the end.

two, integration of resources.

in the long march of the Red Army, my Red Army lacked people, lacked money and lacked weapons, but the Red Army broke through the encirclement of Jiang Jieshi’s well equipped regular army and finally joined forces. Rely on the integration of resources, to maximize the use of resources.

in the website operation, it is very important how to integrate existing resources and exchange resources. Looking for venture capital, or using SEO to do the accumulation of the original Internet resources, or to wear their own vest to create popularity and traffic.

three, study opponent

‘s important reason for the success of the Red Army’s long march was to use Jiang Jieshi’s own words: "it was not Mao Zedong who defeated me, but the senior officers of my men.". Guangxi Li Zongren, Hunan He Jian, Guizhou Wangjialie, Yunnan Yunlong, Sichuan’s Liu Xiangwu is not huaiguitai, all is in order to save their own strength and negative Communists, Xue Yue central in the old Hope sidelines, because the Kuomintang internal factions, gave me the Red Army to break gap. This is also one of the main reasons why the workers and peasants of the Red Army have been able to break through.

elephants do not stop ants, as long as we hide well, a lot of research competitors, the formation of a differentiated business, or in the weaker part of the opponent to find their own blue ocean. Very simple reason, Sina heavy information, Sohu entertainment, NetEase re service and games. By analyzing your opponent and combining your resources, you’ll be able to find a way to break through.

four, seek truth from facts,

Li De Bogut failed an important reason is that with the Western military doctrine, not to consider the basic conditions of Chinese, blindly emphasized the red.


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