What is the most fundamental and essential thing to do a website well

today, take my popular slim weight web as an example of what a web site should do best.

one, content chapter

construction content, good content, fine content, identify the content, understand the readers into the website to see what, to find out the psychology of the readers, they are looking for what’s coming is to find (with what medicine to lose weight fast, good effect and come? Or to learn more about weight loss. And to pave the way on the road) to lose weight in the need to understand the psychology of the readers need to communicate with readers. Therefore, there is a need to build a weight loss group so that people can interact with each other so as to further understand the readers’ psychology. After understanding, revise, correct, and pay more attention to what the reader needs. Content is the kingly way of the website, the content that the website releases is good and bad, direct influence reader goes and stay. To do this, we need to find readers to publish content. What they send will be what many people need to look for. Because we are not fat, don’t need to lose weight, because of this, we will not do well, we have released the contents are very popular, a lot of content is what readers need to publish, I think you don’t need to omit, this is not enough. How can we interact with our readers? How can we enliven the people in the group? That’s a problem. You need to have good communication skills and affinity. To do the communication and communication tasks of our readers, we can allow members to contribute freely. We review and publish them on the website.

two, promotional articles

promotion channels 10 million, it depends on whether you will promote good, this article to my own. I’m lazy and playful. In fact, the basis for promotion or need to have high quality content behind it, why do you say that? Because even if your promotion technology in high, in many websites, readers can not find the content you want will eventually leave, not long, but not the second visit, because he knows you on the website not what substance. Then he added content, but. Why the content is important, here is fully explained. Turn to the topic and talk about promotion. I’ll talk about all the promotion methods I’ve done. Using QQ group, to collect relevant weight to QQ group, the group released promotion, find the relevant forum, popular popular forum, Forum promotion, blog promotion, publicity, use of interactive learning blog seo, let search bring you flow…… There are many ways to wait.

three and SEO, chapter

what is Baidu’s ranking rule: finding the best and most accurate content for customers?. Network of stereotyped articles, Baidu may not be included.


site of the soul, the life of the website is the content, so that people are now practicing SEO, people do not pay attention to the content, please pay attention to, spend more time to go up, the content of high quality is the foundation of SEO, even.


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