Check the ten profitable ways of local portal website

Spring Festival is coming, here I first to everyone worship early years, I wish you all a lot of Baidu site every day, ranked first.

entered, we all know that the last two years, the major Internet giants have started the expansion of the road, have basic personal living space to squeeze about, for example: Baidu Library of books, novels, download websites impact, 58 city classified information giant national expansion, several the portal refinement strategy and so on, are deep pockets of money, our individual owners can only stand. It’s also one of the most important factors for the rise of local portals in recent times.

according to their recent operation of county-level city site, love Fuqing as a case analysis, summarizes the current mainstream local website profit way. First we analyze the local portal site where operating profit space, certainly can not do stand in a traditional way, which is the basic not profit. A county town of about 30–100W population, the average rate of access to more than 15%-20%, there will be 50000–20W people. Here may be a webmaster to imagine that, according to the traditional method of operation of the site if there are tens of thousands of IP also earn a lot, in fact, the tens of thousands of people completely mistaken, if there are thousands of people visit your site you will laugh at flowering, most users are to the portal and various application platform, local site is likely to visit small, unless you can do as long lane, Xiamen, 19 floor that fish. If you can’t feed a company with thousands of IP in traditional ways, you need to commercialize diversity, provide value for your local IP, and build valuable partnerships with local businesses. How big is the profit margin of the local website? I can only say how big the platform is and how profitable it will be. As long as the platform to reach the acme of perfection, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of profit is not impossible.

So what are the local

website profit pattern? How to judge their own local portal station profit whether OK? Local portals will mainly rely on what to profit? Many local portal owners still do SEO but forget website marketing promotion, ignored the basic way of network promotion, really want to the successful operation of the local site, or to do consumer oriented promotion mode. But now many local news station still rely on traffic to make money by selling advertising, this is absolutely no money, an important factor to determine the local website profit pattern whether OK is advertising revenues accounted for the proportion of income, the proportion of advertising revenue is low, that your profit more successful.

advertising is still the focus, the local website is based, so the local station must be comprehensive, such as real estate, cars, etc. all kinds of channels, delicacy mall to set up the comprehensive implementation of web content, as far as possible to meet the local netizens, but also can meet the diverse local businesses advertising needs. In addition, design side in advertising >


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