Gangster million yuan acquisition of black rice investors loan shock media


love net ( November 18th news, after the Jingdong and 360 other Internet Co to buy expensive domain name, more and more enterprises realize the value of the domain name for terminal. It’s not uncommon for enterprise terminals to buy premium domain names, but a domain name transaction is buying a domain name.

recently, the city of Xiamen properly Online Network Technology Co., Ltd. spent about one million to buy a domain name, rare is not the purchase price. Let the media attention, the acquisition of the domain name do not too valuable, because it had "notorious repute and misdeeds"


this domain name is the investor loan, this three spell domain name many, the meter friend may not understand. But familiar with the network lending, P2P financial platform friends should be impressed with this, it is estimated that there are people who mention loans, investors hate teeth itch. Here is a search for Baidu’s "shareholder loan" search results, intuitive feeling.


this three spell domain name, has been Shanghai Jia all Ze Cci Capital Ltd used to build P2P net loan allocation platform. Later, the company in May last year to run away, its legal representative has not be contacted, resulting in a lot of investors cheated out. From Baidu search results and past deeds, this can be said to be a user impression, with its own negative effects of the domain name. Such a "notorious repute" domain name, but not its corresponding product name, for the company’s existing brand promotion is not much benefit, spend millions of high priced acquisitions, many of the media to think properly On-Line Company boss 484 silly, go when the disk access man.

, the founder and CEO of online, may not think so. According to the media interview with him, he bought the "domain name", more is to see the domain itself deep "value", ready to "long line to catch big fish"". Su known as a paradise, a 17 year old stock investors, his personal experience of investors. "I hope we can build a professional and dedicated lending platform for investors who have financing needs.". And investors loan the domain name, the most direct reflection of our philosophy – only to make loans to shareholders of exclusive channels."

for the domain name itself brings "negative effects" and after the station site users may lead to misunderstanding, "Fu Fu said," these problems are expected. He believes that "" is actually a valuable domain name, for the financing needs of investors, the significance of direct and simple to remember. Only the original owner did not treasure wasted, duly completed online is now doing Shiyibuque, reshape its brand value, build a real benefits for shareholders financial services platform."

it is true that if appropriate, On-Line Company will use the domain name to build a shareholder loan related P2P lending platform


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