Analysis Korean OMN model media website how to manage strategy

, my Ohmynews, is the most famous online news media in Korea, created by Wu Lianhao in February 22, 2000. (OMN). At the beginning of the website, only more than 700 "citizen reporter" (Citizen Journalist) for its writing. But now, the number of public journalists has reached more than 4 people, OMN’s average daily visits to 2 million people, the average daily rate of hits is 19 million 100 thousand. Given the country’s population of less than 50 million, the visit has been quite remarkable. From 2000 to 2005, OMN continued to enter the top ten of South Korea’s most influential media, selected by South Korea’s current affairs magazine. It was the only Internet media to enter the top ten, of which sixth came in 2005. Reading the development model of OMN, especially its advocacy and insistence on citizen journalism, has a lot of experience and inspiration for the operation of news websites in china.

OMN and

mode of Citizen Journalism

in 2006, the economist pointed out that OMN is a model of global citizen journalism. This is not only because it has carried out the concept of citizen journalism, but also because it has achieved good results. In fact, since its inception in 2000, OMN has been expanding its media landscape. For example: in May 2004, OMN established English international website; thereafter, it with the Japanese media giant "Softbank" (Softbank) cooperation, launched a Japanese version of the OMN; in August 2006, OMN also opened a TV broadcast on me "(OhmyTV broadcasting), thus forming a cross media communication.

Wu Lianhao, founder of

OMN, was originally a journalist in South Korea’s underground publication. In 1994, he was on the 1950 U.S. massacre of South Korean civilians "in roots event" made a depth report, but the report did not get the attention of the mainstream media in South korea. 5 years after the The Associated Press reporter the same theme report, South Korean media are thick and heavy in colours are introduced. The contrast made Wu Lianhao feel the conservatism and discrimination in the Korean press. With the support of an organization called "media democratic citizens coalition", Wu Lianhao began teaching college students, transforming people’s journalistic ideas. The speech later with "every citizen is a reporter" (Every citizen is a reporter) the title of book, and eventually become the core of the development model of OMN.

on the day of the founding of the OMN, Wu Lianhao on behalf of 727 citizen journalists issued a "news production and consumption revolution" declaration, its core is to subvert "depending on reporters as privileged" news culture. To this end, OMN has also set up a "partisan news guerrillas", ready to carry out the second "guerrilla journalism campaign."". OMN’s citizen journalism campaign has the following


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