An ordinary webmaster do station experience

08 years in February to do a mini station website pictures are a collection of my own making upload, this update after two months, the Baidu website (QQ USB, QQ flash) keywords row to the top five, the row so quickly may be the key the word is not popular because of the program is written in JSP, a total of only included the 14 pages, from Baidu over there are more than 2000 PV, website traffic with the help of friends, IP also rose to about 4000, so the application of advertisement of the mom, the day also has an income of 5.6 yuan, update this time I do not stop, traffic Rose.

in line

problem, but good times don’t last long, as the flow increases, I program problems, procedures will always appear not open is like, there should be 5.6 times a day, most of the time there have been 10 times, then the friend said: ‘website want bigger, you use this program is not unstable you have development, only two road, or give up now, or a new program. The English station I spent a lot of effort, I can not give up, so I find English program in the Admin5 forum, the sell not a decent, almost all hotlinking, and the function is not ideal, so every day to find posts, also asked people to write procedures, finally let me find one, generating static pages can be written using PHP, but the function is not very ideal, so I contacted sell programs, originally he is Author (sun, alias). I talked about me to the idea, he said I can write the requirements, but the price is very high, in order to find the development of the station, I determined, through my efforts, and the sun, a month after the program is finally done. Then it is July.

The new

program on-line, the original resources are not, not only my wife and I together one by one to add, update. So after half a month, the content of the website is rich, traffic has started to recover, but one day in good times don’t last long, Baidu site out from home the original before the five row to the second page first name, the original is down the right, but we did not give up is updated every day, although my home is down to second pages, but my page is Baidu has included, has reached 3W pages, every day there are more than 5000 come from Baidu PV, I see a lot of put in Admin5 Ali Mama advertising on Baidu ranking influential article, so I took the mother’s ads, a month later, on November 5th, I stand in the back, but also in the top three, the I and the old Woman to bad music, these days the traffic increases, two consecutive days highs, mother’s advertising on Baidu ranking is not really affected here I’m not sure, but prefer to believe them, not credible, now my station PV has reached 10W, but I will not meet me. Always do

I thank Admin5 for giving me such a platform and thanks for the program


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