Gaestgiveriet Hotel website classic soft Wen promotion case

is now the Gaestgiveriet Hotel website according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 10000 star hotels in the country, non star hotels have 20 or so, family hotels and apartments are more, if you press the star hotel every word of a website, plus a lot of hotel apartments have a net station, the country should have a million above website.

from Baidu search engine, we can find, hotel, hotel’s bidding is very fierce. Especially the strength of Ctrip, e-long, the same way, to occupy the main accommodation keyword basically the top. Star hotel in order to get the ideal online search engine has been very difficult, not to mention the more vulnerable small and medium-sized hotels. This is also the reason why so many small and medium-sized hotels in the country do not have their own websites, because input and output are out of proportion.

, but there are exceptions, such as Fuzhou high-speed rail Hotel, no window, the vast majority of tourists from the network. Because the funds are limited, unable to invest heavily in the search, but in the soft Wen promotion (, fruitful. For example, one of the following software, there are Gaestgiveriet Hotel site friends can refer to.

Fuzhou travel adventure

due to the holiday on the way to travel, the first station to Fuzhou, took a very bad feeling of the path to the JinJiang Inn train station, the second day ticket to the train station when I found Express Hotel a few people know that, because of the train very early, JinJiang Inn to the train station and a distance, just went to the hotel to see what the surprise is the first floor is a small supermarket and a guest house, outside environment with the JinJiang Inn not what two things, but there are signs that the hall of the hotel on the eighth floor, then to the hotel to ask, can be discounted, as long as 88 yuan, 138 yuan cheaper than me live, look at the room is clean and tidy, the key is to train station only 50 meters, which for me is that people love to sleep well.

back to the hotel after the hotel in the habit of looking for the Internet, Charles does not know, check jump, reservation price as long as 58 yuan, the price is completely subvert my imagination, dare not believe, so call the waiter is network self-service booking special offer is only 58 yuan, but some small room, equipment I Goods are available in all varieties. broadband network interface, the most concern is free of charge, if the big room is 68 yuan, and in accordance with its website booking, booking and installation of computer project options, because I own a computer, do not need to follow the prompts to complete the content submitted after the prompt reservation.

afternoon skeptical mood to hotels in the history of the most expensive hotel, 58 yuan, the room is really small, but living is also good, the others have no regrets, what next time, ready to live in luxury, 1.8 meters, 78 yuan to try, but this too late, second days let the waiter call reminders, very early to start a new journey by train.

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