How can garbage stations not be garbage

garbage station, long time no see, now do a real meaning of garbage station, also need to master to operate, grassroots Adsense want to start from the garbage station, that also have to learn to recruit, is to make garbage station not garbage.

garbage a: program page garbage

what do you mean? Just look like a garbage station, advertising everywhere, pop, a virus, not open not to play play play off finish, a play one, if I were a webmaster, I want to play it now, the league is in the trough, don’t play what to eat, don’t play with what to feed my server, so everyone in the play, the page is a mess, not careful to advertising, this station will not reach a certain flow, if encounter Baidu artificial, I would certainly not in this column fraught with grim possibilities, master batch, small flow of garbage is not listed here, master is not listed here.

garbage two: locate garbage

entertainment station, catch the key, not uncomfortable website, mad brush Baidu billboard, what content is added, to complete, to be designed specially, so do the station a few play well, not too much trouble, the positioning of the site determines the development of your website itself, of course, does not rule out willow Liu Cheng Yin, the station I was the of the original optimization is another station, the station did not rise, the station is small, so the garbage should be more training, focusing on the selection of the station, I later optimization results people horse heart, at that time also a novice, do not pay attention to this, then slowly died, so garbage four Almighty, or do you have a friend can understand, in the best, the attack can be prevented, you can ensure that your server. Kang, the content of health, more than a few bank cards, ready to receive money.

garbage three: mentality is incorrect,

garbage station, the transition we just learn SEO, don’t waste your life stand as income, do not want an officer’s soldiers is not a good soldier, that is the reason why people want to go up, walk you will find that I can succeed, I have the original development road is so tortuous.

how to change the garbage station, so that the garbage station is not garbage:

if you have traffic now, so you can try to take care of the user experience, try to change the look of your face, try to write some articles, do the station will not refuse to deceive the user’s behavior with less slowly, you will have more customers, become the evergreen tree, you are no longer maybe the next garbage, Chinese webmaster TOP500 inside you.

why use, if, because there are too many garbage stations, if, if you love her, the heart of her, give her a good home,


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