Lu notes what should the local gateway learn from SEO

local portals, SEO, people generally feel that using SEO in a local portal is a bit of a taste. Local station is their hard work, hoping to develop for a long time, and used SEO, always think which day will be in trouble. Not really. The local gateway, SEO, does not conflict or even merge. The key is to see how we deal with their relationship. Below, I’m

tell me how I feel. I hope you can criticize and communicate.

1 SEO has nothing to do with it and can’t follow it, relying solely on the agility of the search engine and constantly exploring it.

of course, the SEO here is in line with the requirements of search engines, is conducive to search for Internet users requested. The content of the local gateway is local, and generally speaking, there is not much information on the internet. But still pay attention to, let your content as much as possible at the forefront of search engines. How do you do that?. Anyone who knows SEO knows: pay attention to the writing of the title of the page, META, keyword density, web files, paths, and so on. Do not underestimate these pages in the search engine rankings is that these little things to decide, plus, if the search engine included more on the portal page, because it did SEO, give you the number of visitors from the search engine brings to be considerable. You know, these visitors are excellent, and you don’t have to spend a minute. The first thing to learn from SEO is that there is no justice in the local gateway, and it is impossible to follow it. By trial and error of the local market. Take the netizen as the center, take their demand as the starting point, and regard their evaluation as the standard of good or bad. A little SEO optimization can make you have unimaginable effects. Similarly, you on the Internet, a small move, as in a home with a brief greetings, Fujii Baoki advertising, put a few of public service ads, or do a few netizens love and attention to local topics, and so on, can let them remember you, let them have the feeling of home.

2 A, let SEO zero risk for your service.

, as we all know, we need to spend money on the promotion of local doors easily. Is there any money free? Yes, SEO. But it’s risky. Why not use other space domain names? How do you want to do it? Even if you’re accidentally K, it’s ok. You can put the content of the portal static, and then a certain SEO, on other space, to the portal station publicity. Second lessons for SEO: SEO is risky, but with it as a target, there is no risk. So when the operation of local portal encountered difficulties, to learn a, do not think that this thing will never stop you what, from another angle, another way, maybe a stumbling block becomes the catalyst.

3 everything can not be accomplished in one move, local portal, SEO is so

in fact, everything is like this, but some people don’t think so


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