5 valuable lessons gained from blogging

in my full-time blog journey, there are many ups and downs process, experienced a lot of failed attempts, in the process, I put my 5 valuable experience to share with you.

1. enjoy the process

has a successful blog has been my direction, but the previous waiting is really long. I like all webmaster friends, imagine sleep at night, found in the morning there is a lot of traffic. I think when I sleep, a steady stream of money rolls into my account.

of course, the goal of sleeping money is very large and there is no mistake. But we didn’t realize that the idea was that we missed a lot of important things. The beginning and the result are not important. What matters is the journey. Like the beginning and the end of life, precious experiences and lessons learned in the middle, of course, including your income.

from the beginning of the establishment of blog, to your successful experience is money can not buy. As time goes on, you’ll be amazed at the knowledge and promotion you’ve learned from blogging. After 10 months, your writing will give you a great sense of achievement and a high level of achievement. What is written is more valuable than gold.

so don’t forget that experience or process is the most important whether you succeed or fail.

2. pays,

when you start blogging or work as a webmaster, time is what you need most. Writing a new journal takes a lot of time and requires a lot of persistence. The most unacceptable is that you may be in the blog started six months or even a year, there will be no money.

at the beginning of the blogosphere, I also have more than 10 different types of blogs, but without success, because I have no attention to them, you abandon them, they will abandon you, this is mutual, but when I insist on this blog, I got a lot of.

these results have kept me going and strengthened my confidence that I will repay.

3. is important,

when I started my blogging career, the last thing I wanted was to find friends and build relationships. It’s not that I don’t seem to make a lot of friends just because I started to ignore the importance of it.

almost a year later, my mind began to realize that making friends was an important part of my blog. So, I blog from out of a large part of the time to make friends, to exchange Links and they began to learn their experience, take their feedback seriously. It gives me more motivation to log because I know what the visitors need.

4., what you like to do is not at work, because work is boring,

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