From the website to the website is being downloaded through the entire station

first declares that writing this article is not about promoting my own web site.

I made a website at this time last year, China IT technology service network. It’s a web site that specializes in computers and networks, as well as viruses, security, and defense. In general, it’s the usual problem of using a computer, and you can find the answer on my website. From the original 3.2 foosun started to modify the template to add content, of course, cannot avoid, I also collected the website of others (you can despise me), that is to expand the amount of data. Then the wind wind system to upgrade 4 SP4, the program is not perfect and upgrade to 4.0SP5, and then find their desired effect from foosun forum. Site step by step to normal. Of course, all this work is for SEO. Later, my classmate told me that I’m div+css now. How is your station still table? So I spent another two days. Did his own DIV+CSS template, of course, there are a lot of inadequacies in this, and later all slowly modified; the site all the way down. The amount of IP is increasing every day. I was lucky at that time. From the statistical point of view, my basic keywords are ranked in the top 5 Baidu, not in the top five in time, but also can not run out of the first three pages. I was very happy, because it was my first website.

but my good times don’t last long ah, site visits suddenly greatly reduced. I’ll go to site for a while. I found my website was plucked by Baidu. At that time, my mood was very bad. I didn’t say a word for a long time. Then I called my classmate. Ask him, he said he is the same, it seems that Baidu, these two days is not normal, observe a paragraph. Well, within a few days, Baidu has restored my website. And the flow is still higher than the original. The bad luck really came, because the server has a problem, the site was forced to stop for two days. After the server was stabilized, site hurried to my station and found that it had been reduced by half. I think it may be because the server stopped two days ago, Baidu spider did not climb, so reduced, who knows after a few days, included volume continues to decrease. Only left home, and then that mood, one day nothing to eat, nor speak. Finally, think about it, pull it out. But I didn’t give up updating my website. But until now, Baidu does not put my site out. All day site own station, found that the snapshot in the update, but the amount is not added to the server to view the log. Baidu spider is coming every day, but still only left home page. During this period, I think since that’s the case, I’ve removed all the SEO traces. But this Baidu, he still does not give me the opportunity, does not update my site. I’m totally disappointed by that. Add one or two articles when you have time. Look at Baidu snapshots are updated every day. But just don’t let it out. There’s a feeling

can’t say

one day I was searching for Baidu at win2008Server, and suddenly I found myself in second place and third >


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