Face QQ music and other powerful opponents NetEase cloud music how to break through

starts with an introduction to talk about the basic thinking logic of product managers: goals – issues – solutions.

How does

quickly capture a large number of target users

at a low cost?

, not a long battle with its competitors,

?How can

speed up the acquisition of a large number of target users at a low cost instead of a protracted battle with its competitors?

is not common on the Internet today. Now, most of the industry is already much competition in the Red Sea, and technology, resource barriers of blue ocean market is very high, the general product to catch up. In the highly competitive Red Sea market, how can we make 42 kilos?

the effective way is to think deeply about the user’s needs, the competitors, the real weaknesses, and the places where they can play a huge advantage, and combine the three together:

user’s demand focus: usually the demand pain point when the user selects the product, or the main cost of the product when the user moves the product;

competitors are weak: competitors may have advantages in some places, but don’t let go of every weakness of competing products, and try to amplify those weaknesses;

advantages of their own products: combined with the above two considerations, they will be transformed into their own product advantages, you can poke the weight of competitors, user groups.

cloud music into a NetEase, is a typical case of 42 pounds. In the competition through copyright investment, promotion resources to compete for market share in the NetEase, cloud music is a much smaller cost function, to attract users who want to change the music App.

Bring the nearly million active users

this function for the NetEase of cloud music, if in accordance with the active user gets a 10 yuan to the market price of 20 yuan to count, this is worth tens of millions of marketing expenses. We can replay the NetEase cloud music into a single song, see what we can find.

how will the new product be developed for rationalization?

in 2013, NetEase cloud music was born soon, the online music App market is a fierce competition in the Red Sea market. At that time, the mobile Internet has entered a period of rapid development, smartphone shipments reached the peak, almost every Internet users are smart phones. And music, as one of the needs of smartphone users Top 5 (social, news, shopping, video, music), is an application that smartphone users are bound to install.

A lot of

on the market: the accumulation of years of veteran players cool dog music, cool music, QQ music, Baidu music; with the gradual rise of the mobile internet everyday sounds, meters music; forced higher small shrimp music, watercress FM.

therefore, NetEase cloud music is facing the situation of every new user, there is great possibility that it is from other products >


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