For the nternet financial platform 30% of users per month promotion is not considered growth

what’s growth? All the growth without effective user growth is a rogue!

note: This article originates from my GrowingIO data driven growth Conference – Beijing Railway Station sharing written.

one, what is growth?

for the Internet financial platform, what is called "growth"? Is there an increase in the number of users 30% per month?

1, starting with the two question,

question 1: there are A/B/C three Internet financial platform, the same time, the number of registered users of the three from 1W to 100W, 50W and 10 W (following). May I ask A/B/C three platforms who invest more?

question 2: there are A/B/C three Internet financial platform, the three are 1W, 10W and 100W investment users (as follows). May I ask A/B/C three platforms who invest more?

in fact, the views of these two issues are not consistent, and there is no standard answer. Why? Because growth is not equal to quantity!

2, the growth of Internet banking platform

this morning, I heard a lot of guests share, in fact, mutual gold industry with tool products still have a big gap. We do Internet banking should know, you want to let users pay is very difficult, so we attach great importance to a series of subsequent transformation. Unlike tools, products rely on commercial advertising realized model, the Internet financial platform can not simply user registration volume, user turnover and other indicators oriented. Even if your platform has 100W investment users, but the total investment may not have other 1W users to invest more.

so, what’s growth?

for trading products, such as Internet banking, electricity providers and so on, I have set two directions. One is the growth of effective users, and the other is the growth of users.

What does

effective user growth speak about? Suppose there are two platforms, platform 1 has 100W registered users, of which 1W’s investment users; platform 2, although only 5W registered users, but there are also 1W investment users. It seems that the platform 1 more than dozens of W invalid users, these dozens of W registered users means that platform 1 needs more channel budget, more traffic, it means higher cost. Therefore, the growth of the Internet financial platform, we must pay attention to conversion rate, focusing on effective user growth.

, what’s the user’s growth? Or two platforms, for example, platform 1 began with 1W registered users, and a month later retained 8K; platform 2 began with >


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