A generation of webmasters poisoned by wrong ideas

believes that the site a few do not play games, I very love StarCraft game, although it is not Warcraft, but its reason is because I love star is a master of strategy, and world of Warcraft is equivalent to the tactical master star more emphasis on the overall control and operation of stream of consciousness, so more and more serious. And Warcraft is like singing Cara OK, reflects the explosive power of heroes, people play more and more relaxed, more and more happy. There is nothing comparable between the two. Some of the same things always do a website, but did not in a game, you take what kind of thought do you have decided what kind of results. Do the site, more from a strategic sense to consider, such as Taobao, Baidu want to ignore, more is to enhance the overall competitiveness of Taobao from strategic significance, buy from the user intention to select businesses purchase logistics selection – the final customer service, everywhere embodies the humanized Taobao more and more convenient. And most of our personal webmaster, I think or stay at the tactical level. Concerned about the most is the problem is the chain -PR- weight – included, so we are discussing every day how to add a few outside the chain, how to upgrade PR?. So we have a lot of tactics to teach people how to do these things, such as SEO.

may be the initial network tactical thought achievement of a number of owners, but I am very unfortunately, when it developed to the extreme when it is mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. We might as well think about it. In fact, the problem is already very serious. As a personal webmaster, we are increasingly lack of core competitiveness. What is the problem, the tactical thinking of the entire webmaster community has changed, become indifferent, and become hypocritical and impersonal, sharing spirit is disappearing. More and more people are reduced to human flesh computers. Do most of the things that people repeat each day, and every webmaster is doing what everybody thinks is right. Repeat AD, whatever the means of piracy, for example, some of your original works of others becomes his minor alterations. Then take this knockoff version of AD everywhere.

, for a few good examples, like falling behind. The purpose of being backward must have been as an exchange platform for the webmaster, but unfortunately, I feel that the current backward is just a half entertainment platform comparable to MOP. Just recently on the cancellation of PR rumors, behind is placid, nobody to talk about this matter. Everyone continues to play, ha ha said: "I picked up money today, tomorrow on your collection of money."." Meaningless! Instead, I think the real point of view behind or those IDC, they use a small price, the predatory fish belonging to profit! For example, the acquisition of the signature, it is really a little money to do business vision! As to why we think! So, why so behind, in fact most of nothing more than some claim, the signature effect is good, why can sell? So we desperately trying to post, post. Look behind the posts every day tens of thousands will know ah! "


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