How to maintain the post thereby enhancing the flow of online shop

what I’m talking about today is the use of the post in the forums. In fact, maintaining your posts can improve your browsing and bring you more business. I have carefully maintained a post, so that the flow of small shops every day over thousand, if it is the essence of the post, will be more. For a novice seller, if your coin is small, then your post is your ad, and absolutely free of charge.

first, post. Secondly, to hair post, if it can be added, that need to make good use of posts. If it is not the essence, it is at least compared to the relatively high quality posts, some water with rotten posts, how do you maintain in vain, because it is declining faster than you desperately top much faster.

1. Be careful to read your replies regularly and answer the questions posted by those posted to you – – our principles are no problem, and we have to figure out the problem. If you really have no problem, you can look at the replies and say what to write, and then you according to the replies issued your views.

don’t think this is too troublesome, our ultimate goal is to improve the store views, but first let you fly up, so we have the chance to let others see your post and post your signature, followed by so many people, there are people interested in your shop to your shop. It is possible to buy your stuff. The process is complex, but the objectives are clear. The following are also on how to maintain the post, so that the post is always in front, as for the effect, the following will slowly talk about

two, in Riga their post links whenever you write a new post, you can put the copy in the previous post link, as the end of the post links, when others see your new post, may see the other link your way, it is possible to point go on, then it would be possible to help you, then, who has sunk deep in the Dead Sea post you can also be delivered from oppression pull, there may be more people to see, more and more people from the top..

three, plus links to others replies (Taobao forum, with links to the shop to delete, like other forums online promotion forum dedicated to the consignment shop owners post where there is no limit to what! Post links are currently seemed to never mind.


some people think they post it so much, we supposed to do? So I want to have a good business in the GGMM are often, positive replies (don’t return, in the end of the post Oh) replies to bring their own post links, in order to attract the attention of others, you can write something like "my post – I hope you can help (link)" to "endure two nights of blood" and so on, please you to play your own level.

Objective: to attract two people, the main owner: you give him a reply, he is sure to see what you write is what it is, it also has.


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