Baidu once again updated section 61 is K station again

              home, very casual in Baidu tapped my station domain name:, K has been five days, didn’t do what to expect, but it put out, time should be 6 p.m. today! Just asked a few days, the same K was understanding of friends, basically put out. So the first time to give feedback to this information.

         ;     I stand present situation: included more than 800, more than 100 before K. Overall ranking down, but still in the first page. Key words: Ezhou real estate, Ezhou real estate network, Ezhou real estate, Ezhou real estate network. The home page update time is May 30th, that is, the day before K!

       ;       do something in the middle: keep normal updates. Removed the Baidu keyword may be considered piled up. Removed and all of my other real estate website all of the internal page connection, only retain the home page connection. Home link added several large industry.

              the present situation is like this, the near paragraph continues to observe, there is the case again to everybody feedback, everybody more exchanges!


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