What is the next generation of virtual hosting

with the advent of the cloud era, as the bright younger generation cloud hosting market has been diverted to the host virtual host market leader, so there was a voice, a virtual host is to gradually withdraw from the stage of history and was replaced by cloud hosting and virtual host? In gradually decline in the occasion, a host of major companies another is a vast world, launched a new virtual host, the next generation is expected to turn the tide, to regain market share, reproduction of the old glory.

so, what is the next generation of virtual hosting, to win back the hearts and minds of the vast numbers of users, what’s the charm?


first generation virtual host is not just a single host, but a set of host +Plesk host panel solutions, not only inherited the traditional virtual host in high quality and inexpensive advantages, overcome the defects the virtual host is also a great breakthrough, and the function is more complete. So then we have to answer a few questions users are most concerned about the form of what is revealed to the next generation of virtual host.

Q: the traditional virtual hosts have more restrictions on functional support, and the users can use less space. Is the space available for the next generation of virtual hosts more


A: virtual host the next generation of the complete function, can be equipped with Plesk host control panel on the website with the domain name, email, applications, files, database, website, user account management, statistical data can also check the subscription of flow rate, disk space, FTP, data transmission and website etc.. We know that the management of statistical functions and databases is limited on traditional virtual hosts, but on the next generation of virtual hosts, you can enjoy it. Moreover, the next generation of virtual hosts support Windows and Linux systems, while meeting the needs of loyal users of two types of systems.

Q: the traditional virtual hosts tend to be slow and unstable because the server is rented to many users. Then, the next generation of virtual hosts can have a breakthrough improvement,


A: the next generation of virtual hosting is faster and more stable. The reason why the traditional virtual host running speed can not keep up, poor stability, because in the management of resources is not good enough, there will be a resource grab each other situation, resulting in overall performance results. The virtual host the next generation can effectively solve such problems, the Plesk host panel support cgroups to best management of the allocation of resources to the CPU, RAM memory, disk read and write bandwidth of system limits the capacity, resources and time consumption monitoring each subscription, once a subscription to the consumption of resources reaches the threshold, Plesk will send a notification, and limit the consumption of resources for this subscription. To achieve the purpose of limiting, controlling and separating the resources of a process group.

Q: the traditional virtual host resources are not enough, they need to be expanded and more troublesome, the next generation of virtual >


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