Old end a suggestion for the promotion of local doors

today met a friend online, want to do a local portal, but temporarily do not know how to start, the old end by the way to write a simple business plan, the following is the main content:

profit model:

: local advertising, home advertising division place, such as home car section near the connected car class advertising, delicacy section position after catering local advertising, advertising position of home is not too much, focused, so that the content and advertising match each other, does not affect the user experience and make the advertisement to maximize value, advertisers also love this kind of advertisement.

: two different sections can be their own business – such as local friends can do party, driving, group purchase activities such as can be directly linked to a delicacy like businesses to discuss to you after an advertising fee, you for him to write a article to eat his shop, not advertising, the effect is absolutely good advertising than directly. And so on, now not list, in short, through activities to expand your site’s influence, and gather a group of loyal users you stand. These are in your website has certain popularity later. Of course, you can also get some organization fees from it.

forum set: the most profitable current users are most interested in dating wedding, real estate, cars and so on, on the site of the most eye-catching, it is best to a large section of the column is displayed directly, just let the local users quickly find the content he wants to see. Refer to section http://s.www.jx09.com/, page content according to the user experience, the most interesting and most mentioned above, the page displays the content must be selected out of the most successful, the most eye-catching content can be placed in the home position, if necessary, refer to the title of the party practice, point out the hype. Column set at the beginning do not need more, do fine, a few, etc. after the popularity up, slowly expanding

website operation promotion:

network promotion: target groups are mainly local users, people generally have cluster effect, the simple point that is good fun, so early should put the site on their own speculation, each section of his register ID the top post what, send the article to stimulate the eye ball point or practical what makes one feel the Forum is very hot feeling, will be more and more people pay attention to this forum, and also encourage users to their posts, to the network to recruit some bamboo, such as bamboo, can give them certain privileges or benefits, encourage them to pull more friends to join the community. Exchange links with other local popular websites. The user’s identity to the local Internet forums and QQ group propaganda your site, such as: XX XX recently heard a very interesting community, ah, you have to play well, then the name of another netizen to the top: Oh, I know, many of my friends often go to the XX section, good oh, and then leave the address; don’t leave obvious ad mark, to do with the netizen identity. >


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