Website construction in your confidence grasp three points to win the future

website construction market is experiencing a silent change, the traditional station can, similar to 3721 years to promote the real name of the network to give electronic business cards can carry out marketing era has gone without return. This change is reflected in the aesthetic view of the continuous distillation, more and more enterprises put forward higher requirements for the design; not only is the design, enterprises also pay more attention to the interactive, pay attention to network marketing and traffic conversion unprecedented enthusiasm, as soon as possible this marketing mostly stay in the bidding website optimization, search engine marketing promotion. But this is a trend, marketing website construction is also put forward in such a big background, compared with the past, the function of the website is only publicity and display, the marketing website construction is enriched more content. How does the website sell? The Shanghai website construction company pilotage science and technology believed that, the successful foundation application is essential, the website carries on the packing to the brand and the product effectively, and gives the human to be reliable, is indispensable.

trusted website wins in search

is engaged in Internet marketing, and nobody can ignore the existence of search engines because it has intercepted more than 90% of the website traffic. Without winning the trust of search engines and getting an ideal ranking on a search engine, you can’t call it a marketing website. For example, the construction of a company has its own official website, but in the search engine through the company name, but no way to retrieve, even if reluctantly search, ranking is also very close. Such a website, without doubt, won the trust of search engines, and naturally it is difficult to arouse the trust of users. But sadly, even sadly, there are few websites like this in reality. Even if a company has its own website, even if the design is exquisite, it can not be retrieved in the search engine.

how to continuously improve the trust oriented search engine, search in the era of unparalleled in the world to think. The first step to do is to let the search engine can be included in the website, the website itself to ensure that the development of the website with the search engines based on the standard site after completion of the search engine to submit; the second step, the reasonable optimization, often update the content, attract spider to frequent the site, in order to drive the snapshot update and weight the third step, ensure website promotion; stable operation, operation safety is the rapid search engine based on trust. In particular, Google year after the launch of the "Panda" algorithm and Baidu before the sun action, also give us a wake-up call: the development of imitation brand-name pseudo original is definitely not the website marketing direction.

trusted sites win users

building marketing sites, user experience can not be avoided, because the site is ultimately to the user to see. Even win the trust of users, access to attention and traffic, no transformation can not bring sales, like a failure of the site. From the user’s point of view, the website that wins user confidence does not show in two aspects: design and content. For the enterprise website, the page art design occupies half of the country, because the main column of the enterprise website has nothing to do with it


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