Personal advice and advice on navigation stations

A few days before

, finally himself, and set up a website, because there are two stations, a local portal station + local site navigation (supplement). Because I am the master, but also to learn photography, a long time ago to do a photography website, because the strength is relatively weak, had planned to do a site navigation photography website, can feel very troublesome, to record, to promote. Of course, even the most simple site navigation, but also carefully, and the more simple things, the more can not be taken lightly, or will only blindly delay effort, lose more good opportunities.

, the site navigation I made was an example, because I didn’t do much to promote it, although the keyword ranking was good, the number of people who used it was still very small.

I will do this through about

navigation station, I put my interest and professional combination, so think of this photo navigation, domain name I follow the old routine, the slogan is photo online first station, originally wanted to write the main page of Internet friends photo. This domain name is because the top-level domain name has been registered, and in order to facilitate the optimization, but also the meaning of the top of the domain name. Friendly reminder: friends may wish to consider taking this way, the domain name, because the moment is really very difficult to get double domain name, and personal feeling from the optimization and the meaning is also good, but also easy to remember, although a little copycat feeling.

is the next record, the record review recently heard more and more strict, I also worry about the small, originally thought to buy the domain name where you can record, but they just can’t access the record website (say temporarily). I according to the filing process, prepare the matter personally, the surprise is the morning of the second day was filed by mail. I have a very detailed record of the flow chart, if necessary, you can ask me,

website is natural to try to rely on photography, I classify from the station, one by one into a photography station. Other small places also add photographic elements. Site LOGO temporarily made a formal, is asking people to design. This photo navigation basically well, other places are gradually improving, not because of the recent technology, so there are a few good ideas do not go up, feeling small, not good at technology, it is very regrettable, not only some good idea can achieve, will not waste little time in debugging. Their own study time. Friendly reminder: do station content must be around the theme, and the site of the LOGO should also pay attention to.

done the content, I hurry propaganda, ha ha, in some QQ group, sent a message, group mail also sent, and the result was kicked a few. Friendly reminder: send publicity information must pay attention to appropriate, not too naked. Today, I began to try posting in the forum section of photography, and it worked well. Many people also replies, evaluation is good. For example: watercress group is not bad, we can try. Friendship >


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