Small Mu logistics TOP has not been on line get logistics company sponsorship

small Mu: logistics TOP has not been on-line, get logistics company sponsorship, I was a small mu, just graduated. University studies logistics management. Now worked in a logistics company in Guangzhou. Let’s talk about logistics, TOP. In fact, this station for me, I have been hard to give up the feelings. From the sophomore day, when I had it, I couldn’t stop it. I knew all my friends. Because I am studying logistics, and also in the logistics industry, coupled with my interest in logistics, has always been pretty agricultural. So I always wanted to use him as a logistics station. About the experience of this logistics m, I was also in the A5 domain name essay in the draft, interested friends can go to see (destined to associate with logistics, I and my logistics meters). This meter has done logistics navigation, then met a lot of friends of the logistics station. Thank you very much for your new station for me at that time. And made a link to him. Unfortunately, for some reason, I gave up the idea of doing logistics navigation. So this domain name has been idle for a long time.

was a junior before graduation. I believe everyone who has read the third year knows how boring it is to be a semester before graduation. In this boring period, I am reminded of being a station. In fact, we can not say any more. I belong to the Technology Co., rookie veteran). I made a little film, because working reason this station is now half-dead. On the first page of Baidu keyword small, do not know not fall down. Far away. Ha ha, or say logistics TOP?. As I am now employed in a logistics company, the company specializes in international logistics, and my oral English is considered bad. So I’ve been thinking about finding customers through the Internet all day. I visit countless logistics websites every day, but they are all the same. In addition to those big websites. The rest is basically the same. Dynamic, that is, logistics portal, a website has everything, but I from a logistics industry practitioners point of view, I basically can not find the information on these sites I want. This is removed from the network for many years old, if the change from the traditional logistics companies want to go to the network looking for opportunities to estimate these sites can not find any of the things they need, so this time I have once again full of passion. But what should I do? In the end, I feel that the removal of overseas Chinese is not useful in terms of columns and functions. The final decision is to do information gathering in the logistics industry. To find logistics or engage in the logistics industry people come up logistics, TOP is in order to find opportunities.


theme is OK and the following is the program. Initially wanted to take money to develop. But I just got out of work and didn’t have that much money. So I chose the online search program. Then I found PHPMPS and fell in love with MPS. After contacting MPS, I met quite a few friends, and I thank them for being here. Give me unselfish help, (a strong technical capability of sand, Shanghai information for 9 seconds, Yiyang life station Yiyang, Meihekou and Yongcheng Old Tang, computer, there is a group of friends one by one not listed here)

has been working on these websites for the past few days, and I’ve basically worked all the time


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