first_imgNeville ‘Bertis’ Bell, long-time St George’s College (STGC) football coach, while surprised by his team’s perfect four wins from as many games, says there will be no let up, noting St George’s must improve all areas of play, win their zone and qualify for the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup.Bell’s ‘light blues’ team were beaten Manning Cup and Walker Cup finalists last season, but emphatically won the FLOW Super Cup with a 4-0 defeat of previous champions Jamaica College.With STGC’s 24 goals scored and one conceded so far, Bell is not satisfied yet, but is calling his charges to prepare as a team for tougher games as the first round heads to a climax.”We don’t take anything for granted and we play hard because this zone is a tough zone, and we are not out of it yet. We certainly would like to qualify for the Super Cup and we would certainly have to win the zone,” the coach told The Gleaner, following his team’s 11-0 mauling of lowly Tarrant High on Saturday at Winchester Park, St George’s College.UPCOMING MATCHESThe North Street-based school will have several remaining first-round games to play, including a continuation of the match away to Excelsior High, which was called off due to former captain Dominic James’s passing. They will also line up against Greater Portmore and Tivoli Gardens High in return fixtures.”We can improve in every single area, the defence, midfield. We are not there yet and there are many more games to go,” the coach reasoned.”We thought with Dominic, we would do well and we still think we will do well. We need to improve in all areas, we are not there yet,” he stressed, adding that no game is an easy game, despite their winning margins.”We certainly have some tough games, we have taken every single one seriously so far,” Bell explained. “There are still many more miles to go.”last_img read more

first_imgFirefighters are said to be remaining vigilant as the next 3 days are expected to bring drier weather and increased temperatures, proving ideal conditions for fire growth.Fire Information Officer, Jill Kelsh says the fire is still reported as encompassing just under 16,000 hectares, with over 200 firefighters, 9 helicopters and 17 pieces of heavy equipment on scene.However, it is still reported as 0 per cent contained.- Advertisement -“We have made really good progress but we are expecting fire activity to increase over the next 24 hours with temperatures potentially going to reach 30 degrees today,” Kelsh said.Kelsh says heavy equipment has managed to put in 75 kilometres of guard around the perimeter with ongoing extinguishing efforts underway.  “We do have crews that are following the heavy equipment with powerful hoses to extinguish all the hot spots around this area,” Kelsh explained.Advertisement The incident management team is requesting that residents be patient in allowing convoys of firefighter vehicles to safely commute to and from the Mt.McAllister fire, asking them to avoid trying to pass the convoys, typically in transit 7 a.m. – 8 a.m., and 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. daily. An area restriction remains in place around the fire.last_img read more

first_img22 August 2003South African Music Week returns this year with a focus on education and live music. From 23-30 August, learners around the country will be exposed to a video on careers in the music industry, while all nine provinces explode with emerging artist concerts under the Music In Public Places banner.In a bid to promote greater understanding of careers in the music industry, the Music Industry Development Initiative (MIDI Trust) has produced a 30-minute video which will be distributed free to 1 200 schools nationally during South African Music Week.Featuring Zola, Hugh Masekela and other renowned South African musicians and practitioners, the video highlights some of the careers in the music industry – from lighting engineer to artist management – and informs learners of the specific requirements needed to embark on each career.Supporting the video is a 16-page brochure elaborating and expanding on the material highlighted in the video.Music in Public Places, now in its second year, will roll out nationally, taking music to audiences across the country for a week of free concerts in public places and spaces. Several other live events are also scheduled to take place under the Music Week umbrella.Incorporating many genres of South African music, Music in Public Places creates a platform for undiscovered and emerging talent. This year it is also giving emerging promoters and technicians the opportunity to gain practical experience in running live events.The full programme of events will soon be available on the SA Music Week website. Also check out these (and other) resources on the site: What’s so special about SA music?Recent export success storiesClassical music in SANurturing South African talentSA music links At the end of South African Music Week it is anticipated that more than one million learners will have seen the informational video, and that more than 120 new performances will have taken place nationally, with close to 1 000 new artists being exposed to 75 000 people.According to MIDI Trust general manager Rosie Katz, research has shown that learners are interested in the music industry, “but do not know the breadth of potential careers nor how to go about entering the industry. We hope that this video and brochure will enlighten and encourage learners to enter this exciting yet demanding world.”South African Music Week retains its primary partnership with the department of arts and culture, while forging a new partnership with the department of education. New relationships have also been formed with the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund and MTN Free 2 Speak. The South African Music Rights Organisation also continues to support the reporterlast_img read more

first_imgmarshall kirkpatrick Tags:#Google#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Does Google get social? It sure would like to and just a few weeks ago the search giant brought in-house a world renowned expert in social technology. Until the end of January, Ed Chi was a Principal Scientist of Augmented Social Cognition at the famous research institute PARC. Now he’s a Research Scientist at Google. His specialty: Human Computer Interaction. Chi had been at PARC, the research institute where everything computer from the GUI to the laser printer was invented, since 1999. His recent work has included investigations of how users relate to Wikipedia, Delicious and Twitter. Recent projects include building recommendation engines based on bookmarks (MrTaggy), tweets (zerozero88) and other social signals. Now he’s hacking for Google.Chi proved wildly capable by earning a B.S., an M.S. and a PhD all in 6.5 years. He holds 20 different patents.We’ve cited Chi here at ReadWriteWeb for his criticism of Wikipedia as a site that has become too exclusive because of its complicated interface and we wrote an extensive preview of the unlaunched Twitter-filtering Eddi Project. We were unaware of his departure for Google until ReadWriteWeb reader Clive Boulton generously brought it to my attention in a live video chat.Chi is widely liked, admired and respected. Bringing him in-house sounds like a very smart move for Google to make. Even if Google never nails social like Facebook or Twitter has, the web is quite likely to move into a post-Pagerank era sometime soon due to gaming, spam, pseudo spam and the rise of social. A deep understanding of social signals concerning information could prove a path to maintain the company’s search dominance into that new world.center_img Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

first_imgThe use of mobile applications to enhance business processes across a wide variety of industries is no more news. Many companies and business organizations are steadily integrating app development strategies to improve engagement, enhance efficiency, and boost various work processes across a wide range of industries. But, businesses can safely and efficiently adopt artificial intelligence.Now that many enterprises have begun shifting their attention to mobile app development, there is a need for every forward-thinking mobile app development company to consider changing from its traditional ways of developing applications to adopting new innovative development strategies. Artificial intelligence is one technology that has been receiving increasing interest in recent years.It is quite challenging to get along with any technology without first familiarizing yourself with its concepts.When it comes to developing apps with artificial intelligence, any pragmatic mobile app development company should be able to understand the various processes involved. This post is designed to enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to know how best they can safely and efficiently adopt artificial intelligence via app development.Understand the Concepts of Modern AIAny technology will need to be understood and become familiar to your business, and same applies to artificial intelligence (AI). There is a need for any mobile app development company or app developer looking to build intelligent enterprise apps to take the time to become familiar with the various abilities of the technology. Businesses looking to delve into the AI space must first understand the profitability of such technology and be willing to go into partnership with relevant organizations.Getting online in search of credible information about AI technology is an excellent way to start.The main aim of doing this is to acquire a rich knowledge of AI and its constituents, such as predictive analytics and machine learning and how they can be applied within your organization. Several organizations provide a wide array of resources and information online to which people can quickly get themselves acquainted with the basic concepts of AI.Explore Different IdeasThere are so many resourceful products that any mobile app development company can build through AI integration. But this can only be possible when problems solvable by AI are identified. Using solvability as a guide is why it is imperative for app developers to take the time to explore different ideas, even while focusing based on AI app development.Businesses need to seek out ways by which AI capabilities can be added to their existing products and services.The best way AI can play a meaningful role in an organization is by identifying problems that this technology can solve. Ultimately, there should be specific use cases in which AI integration would provide an added value while solving business problems. Interestingly, there is rarely any mobile app development company that wouldn’t benefit from AI adoption. Whether it is for machine learning, image recognition, or natural language processing, the role of AI in app development cannot be underestimated.Assess Its Potential ValueOnce various possible AI implementations have been identified, prioritizing concrete value is the next important thing to consider. Value can be done by assessing the potential financial and business value of the tech’s implementations. There is no need to embark on an adventure that has no business value as it will only amount to a goose chase. To this end, it is imperatively essential for any mobile app development company focusing on adopting rich AI features to ensure that the company’s initiatives are directly tied to the business value.Understanding what the financial value is for the company can go a long way to help developers prioritize effectively based on near-term visibility. Visibility can be best achieved by looking at the dimensions of feasibility and potentiality.Get ready to Integrate DataIn case you do not know, Artificial Intelligence is all about data. Enterprises looking to take this route must be organizationally and technologically prepared to start building apps and integrating them with AI capabilities. Integrating an app with AI-enabled capabilities is why it is essential to set goals while ensuring to work with professional AI consultants. These are the people that will help to ensure that clean data is integrated into the process.Several legacy systems are designed with multiple data silos in which internal corporate data is kept.To this end, there is a need to work as a team or collaborate with an experienced mobile app development company which can be very helpful, particularly when it comes to creating high-quality data for ML. The best way to develop accurate and rich data is by sorting out inconsistencies from the various data sets that would be integrated into the development process.Don’t Overlook StorageNo developer or app development company can effectively adopt AI solutions without considering the storage requirements for the task.All aspects of storage make it essential for app developers and other development agencies to ensure that they consider implementation.AI systems require substantial data volumes to enable the development of accurate models. Unfortunately, these computing objectives cannot be effectively achieved without including storage as part of the AI plan. In AI there will always be the need for fast, optimized storage solutions right from the onset of the system design.ConclusionWhile artificial intelligence is recommended for virtually all enterprises across a wide range of industries, it is, however, imperative that they take the time to analyze its potential and how the technology will help to boost business value before going down this road. China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Ricky Brown Tags:#AI#artificial intellgence#business Ricky Brown is an energetic content strategist and marketer at App Development Companies, the platform that helps you to find best IT Partner for your app, web and software requirements across the globe. AI Will Empower Leaders, Not Replace Themlast_img read more

first_imgHighlighting scripts is the first step in the long haul of turning the written word into a motion picture.A screenplay informs each department of its artistic, technical and logistical responsibilities. We start the process of wrapping our arms around a film by highlighting the script. I like highlighting because it calls for a fun trip to Staples, where I’ll stock up on new pens and all the other supplies needed during prep.Honestly, I only need one highlighter for the story points regarding the photography of the project. But, other colors do come in handy to cue visual effects, special camera movement, flashbacks, day or night, etc. I restrain myself from over-highlighting for the obvious reason that as I study the screenplay, I learn it and soon, highlighting ceases to become necessary.However — for the first two weeks of prep, I refer to my highlights constantly and from these, I build my list of questions and ideas for all of the meetings to come. Prep is for asking questions, resulting in answers, that will help you implement your highlighted issues.Let’s look at the opening scene of Ghostbusters II and then explore how various departments approached highlighting the script.Ghostbusters II is set in New York City. What we know at this point is that the exteriors will be shot on location and on back lots in Los Angeles. All options are open until the studio weighs in on the budget. Shooting in New York is crazy expensive, so the producers are trying to shunt as much of it as they can back to L.A. But at this point, let’s assume that the plan is to shoot New York for New York until told otherwise.Let’s start with the Location Manager. (We’ll use this script example again later for the DP, though for different reasons.)The Location Manager’s initial thoughts might be — “Hmm, East 77th Street, Upper East Side, notorious for their antipathy towards film shoots. We probably won’t be shooting there.”Ok, maybe, maybe not — but a location must be found with the well-heeled feel of Dana Barrett’s movie neighborhood. Can it be found elsewhere in New York? Sure. With snazzy set dressing, nicer cars and well-dressed extras, this illusion is easy to pull off and we do it every day. Because it’s the opening of the picture, the Location Manager will come up with lots of options in New York, but knowing full well that this scene could be picked up easily in Los Angeles.This next bit of business falls within the Transportation department’s domain and will generate lots of questions.“Does the hoisting occur on camera?” “Should we use a real tow truck company?” If so, “Are they teamsters?” “Do we repaint the vehicle with a fictitious name?” “What make of car is being hooked up and can it actually be lifted safely with a hook?” “How many other cars are on the street parked or moving?” “Limos, city buses?” And on and on…In the next example, casting concerns are highlighted in yellow, and prop concerns in orange.This is a fairly straightforward scene for the Prop Master. There are only a couple different kinds of baby buggies seen in New York and the most popular model, that big old-fashioned rig pushed by nannies in Central Park, will definitely be part of the showing. Grocery bags and keys are easy. In fact, the most time and resource consuming aspect of this scene will be propping up all of the extras on the sidewalk with umbrellas, briefcases, backpacks, newspapers, etc. No problems here.I was the ILM Director of Effects Photography on this project and, sadly, this scene offered nothing for me to highlight. The great Michael Chapman, ASC was the cinematographer on Ghostbusters II and I don’t know what he highlighted. But if I had been the DP, here’s what I would have highlighted — though not necessarily in this pink color:As the cinematographer, I would kindly ask for the set to be on the south or shady side of the street. This keeps hard light off of our leading lady and negates the need for big silks and solids. We can easily introduce light to add interest to the set or create back light for the actors.Because it is the opening of the movie, I would propose that we pick a location that allows us to start on a frame that says, “NEW YORK CITY” and boom down to reveal Dana in front of her apartment. Assuming the director agrees to the shot, a light study will be needed to determine what time of day would be best to shoot this “big” shot. I’ll get the Key Grip to put a crane on hold for this day. If we shoot this scene in LA, we’ll add the skyline in post.All the other departments not mentioned here will highlight this scene for their own good reasons. What would an Assistant Director highlight? Costumes, Grip and Electric, Catering? What would you do if you were in their place?last_img read more