first_imgIt is interesting to point out that this project is the first in Croatia whose Study of the Impact on World Heritage, Dubravko Bačić from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, was confirmed by UNESCO. The plan was made by the architectural studio 3LHD, by the Dubrovnik architect Marko Dabrović. The planned spatial plan included a hotel complex that was to have 600 beds, a garage with 500 parking spaces, a congress and concert hall. But Viktor Vekselberg opted for a five times smaller hotel complex with 210 beds in the hotel and 60 in the villas. A hotel of this status has the potential to make Dubrovnik the host of the highest economic and state gatherings. Youtube: Vilin Studios At this year’s session of the Dubrovnik City Council, the mentioned changes to the planning solutions of the complex should be adopted. Namely, if the City Council adopts new spatial documents in the next year, all the needs of the permit will be issued and the demolition of the existing hotel and the construction of a new one will begin.center_img The dilapidated building of the Dubrovnik Hotel Belvedere should soon, it seems, be demolished. In his place, the Russian rich man Viktor Vekselberg plans to build a much smaller but extremely exclusive hotel. It is a project in which he is ready to invest between 120 and 150 million euros, and the hotel could have as many as 7 stars. Photo: imgur / ionizationlast_img read more

first_imgMexico’s president sells himself as lifelong champion of the rights of women, who he calls “more honest” than men. To stress the point, he made history upon taking office in December 2018 by putting women in half his cabinet posts.But Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s prickly reaction to criticism of the government over brutal murders of women in recent weeks has riled feminists and undermined support for him among female voters, helping to fuel protests and calls for a massive walkout next week.Support for an unprecedented women’s “strike” on Monday has swelled, even as Lopez Obrador has tried to paint the event as a cynical attempt by political opponents to discredit him and capitalize on problems he says they created. Topics : Such comments strike many as tone-deaf and lacking empathy, exposing a weak spot for a government already battling to tackle gang violence, impunity and a stagnant economy.”As a woman and a citizen, I feel outraged,” said Claudia Calvin, a consultant on gender and technology. “It’s despicable that the head of this country has been unable to understand the importance of women and the impact of violence.”Allies of the president reject such criticism.Irma Sandoval, head of the Public Administration Ministry, which monitors federal employees, described Lopez Obrador as “the most feminist president in modern history.”center_img Polls suggest women are increasingly skeptical.Lopez Obrador remains popular. But support for him has never been lower ahead of the strike, in which women will withdraw from work, school and public spaces.A survey by pollster Consulta Mitofsky showed his approval rating among women fell some 3 percentage points from January to February to 52.7%. Among men, it dipped 0.6 points to 59.2%.UncomfortableThe president’s tendency to dismiss criticism and the women’s protests has caused unease inside the government.Saying he would put “the poor first”, Lopez Obrador took power pledging to tackle chronic inequality and violence.The row over women has been uncomfortable for him, because Mexico still has more basic problems to address than in advanced economies, where debates over gender equality are more prominent, said an official, speaking on condition of anonymity.Lopez Obrador described himself as a “humanist” on Friday when asked at a daily news conference if he was a feminist, and pointed to deeper-rooted problems in Mexico.”Because of corruption, we’ve given rise to monstrous economic and social inequality,” the 66-year-old said.Interior Minister Olga Sanchez has tempered assertions that the popular ferment, including a massive march planned on International Women’s Day this Sunday, has ulterior motives.”As far as it being a movement by women, for women, with women and against violence, it is,” she said last week.An intervention by Mexico’s first lady on the issue also caused embarrassment to the government. First, she came out in support of the strike – then quickly changed her mind.”What would they do without us?” Beatriz Gutierrez wrote on Instagram on Feb. 20 next to an image promoting the strike.Later that day, she backed a counter-demonstration in support of her husband that urged women to be visible on the streets. Lopez Obrador said he did not know why she had reversed course.Mexico holds mid-term legislative elections next year, and if the president cannot stem the slide in support among women, it could cost him control of Congress.Murders of women for reasons of gender known as femicides surged to 976 cases last year, more than double the total five years earlier. At a time of increased scrutiny, critics feel Lopez Obrador has often downplayed their concerns.They bristled at his announcement that tickets for a raffle to recoup money spent by his predecessor on a presidential jet would go on sale on Monday. He later reversed that decision, saying he did not realize it was the day of the women’s strike.Others say Lopez Obrador is waking up to the discontent.On Thursday, six of his female ministers held a news conference to express support for women and their rights.”It’s still not quite on his radar,” said Vivir Quintana, a musician who wrote a song against femicides. “But I think he can help us a lot, that he’s a sensitive person.” last_img read more

first_img“I want to specifically thank the many efforts at grassroots sports development funding championed by the NSDFI team. We are proud of you. By the legal powers conferred on me, I endorse this legal agreement and wish it will benefit the children and youths of West Africa,” observed the Nigerian sports minister.In his speech, the NSDFI Director General, Olajide Fashikun, said, “five sports federations will enjoy these grants. Weightlifting has been removed from the list. Taekwondo, Wrestling, Athletics and Cycling are to enjoy the grants. We delayed the choice of the 90 athletes until after the Commonwealth Games in Australia.According to the former Zamalek SC handball player, “by the 10th of April, the National Athletics Development Centre shall take root from the South West centre in Ondo State. Every region shall have its own centre. Four centres of excellence shall also be delivered. Swimming is in Rivers State. Governor Nyesom Wike has already approved this. Wrestling is in Bayelsa. Shaibu Amodu Centre is in Edo State while the Middle and Long Distance centre is in Plateau State.”He revealed that, “every beneficiary shall have a comprehensive insurance coverage, an annuity plan of five years to guarantee their post-sport years, living allowance of N75,000 per month, N250,000 for kitting, N5million annually to attend international championships to help them peak for the games. There is also N1m for their coach, N850,000 performance bonus if they meet agree benchmarks.“We expect about 10% of these 90 athletes to give us a minimum of bronze medals. Meaning, we expect no less than 10 bronze medals in Tokyo. If they do, they will get N5m for their efforts. If they deliver silver, we shall pay them N7.5m and if they deliver gold, they will get N10m.”General Manager of AUSC Region 2, Caleb Gidado said, “following directive by the first session of the Council of Ministers meeting that the secretariat should source for additional funds for its programmes, we embarked on the search for partners which culminated in the mutual alliance between us and the Nigeria Sports Development Fund Inc. The signing of the MoU between our two organisations today bears testimony to our willingness to work together for the good of West African sports community.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, has endorsed the fund raising partnership between the Nigeria Sports Development Fund Inc (NSDFI) and the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 2 secretariat.Speaking in his capacity as the president-in-council, Dalung said yesterday in Abuja that because government alone cannot fund sports, such partnership became necessary.“This is the new trend in the world today. Government cannot fund sports alone. We need more private sector funding in the management of sports development in the country.last_img read more

first_imgWhen it comes to making March Madness bracket picks, there are no golden rules. Every tournament, every team — whether sleeper or favorite — and every potential path to the NCAA championship is different.In general, to give yourself the best chance to win your bracket pool, you want to figure out which teams in the bracket are being overrated by the general public — then think twice about making big bets on them. However, if you’re in a relatively big pool, or if your scoring system provides great rewards for picking lower-seeded teams to win, then these are some of the top opportunities to consider in terms of making early-round upset picks against popular favorites. Especially if you didn’t plan on picking one of the teams above to make it farther than the Sweet 16 anyway, you might want to consider picking them to lose even earlier.If you want to see the best bracket for your pool, or just need a great bracket quickly since the tournament starts soon, check out that data-driven NCAA Bracket Picks product from you’d like to learn more about TeamRankings, check out this WIRED magazine article and see their past performance in bracket pools.) MORE FROM TEAMRANKINGS: NCAA Tournament Prediction ToolEditor’s Note: This is a guest post from, whose subscribers have reported winning over $1.1 million in NCAA bracket pool prizes since 2007. Check out their 2019 March Madness bracket picks.March Madness 2019: NCAA Tournament bracket pool tips, adviceWhat Is An Overrated Team?For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on making Sweet 16 picks.If a team’s percentage chance to make the Sweet 16 is lower than the percentage of brackets nationwide that is picking them to get there, that team is being overrated by the public.For example, according to our tournament projections, South Region No. 6 Villanova has a 30 percent chance to make the Sweet 16 this year. (This is clearly not the championship Villanova team of 2018.) However, perhaps because of recency bias, 40 percent of the public is picking Villanova to make it there.That’s a big difference. Unless you’re convinced that Villanova is going to make a big run again this year, you may do better fading the public and having the Wildcats exit your bracket early. If Villanova does lose early, a big portion of your opponents are going to pay the price.Too Many Risky Picks Will Hurt Your ChancesLet’s be clear about one thing first: In standard 1-2-4-8-16-32 bracket pool scoring, optimal strategy almost always calls for picking overvalued teams, especially early on.Great teams are almost always overvalued by the public in the early rounds, and you certainly shouldn’t pick all the best teams in the tournament to lose early. That would be far too risky since those teams usually have the best chances to make a deep run, and scoring a whopping 16 or 32 points for correct picks in the last couple rounds is what usually wins bracket pools.However, drop down a tier or two in team quality and some better opportunities to fade the crowd start to present themselves. Primarily, you’re looking for teams that are being overrated by the public to make the Sweet 16 and also don’t have particularly good chances to win it all or make the title game.It involves a lot of math and data to figure out which overrated teams you should pick to lose early. We built our NCAA Bracket Picks product to figure out the optimal pick decisions. Here are four examples of overrated Sweet 16 teams you might want to think twice about in your 2019 March Madness bracket.MORE TEAMRANKINGS: Can any March Madness sleepers win it all?March Madness 2019: Four overrated Sweet 16 favoritesNo. 4 Kansas State (South)Kansas State is arguably the team that is being most overvalued by the public when it comes to Sweet 16 choices. While 43 of the public has them getting to the Sweet 16, their actual odds are closer to just 18 percent. There’s a double whammy facing Kansas State. First, their best offensive player, Dean Wade, is battling an injury and was doubtful to play as of Wednesday morning. Second, they are facing a juggernaut of a No. 13 seed in UC Irvine before potentially facing a solid No. 5 seed in Wisconsin or a criminally underseeded No. 12 Oregon. It’s a horrible draw for a team that looks to not even be at full strength.No. 2 Michigan (West)Michigan is a popular public choice as a Sweet 16 pick, with over 80-percent support. (Like Villanova, it’s not a huge surprise, as the Wolverines were the runner-up last year.) However, that popularity far outpaces Michigan’s 61-percent chance of winning its first two games. While Michigan has played well in games against tournament-quality opposition, according to the offshore betting markets they have the lowest odds to win the tournament out of all the No. 2 seeds. Michigan’s path through the bracket is part of the reason, with underseeded No. 7 Nevada lurking as the likely second-round matchup. Michigan’s survival odds indicate they’ll probably still make it, but if you’re looking to take an educated gamble in your bracket, especially in pools with upset bonuses, this one should be on your radar screen.No. 4 Kansas (Midwest)Kansas is well known as a traditional powerhouse, and the Jayhawks would have the opportunity to play in front of a lot of hometown fans in the Regional Finals in Kansas City — if they get that far. First, Kansas will have to get by a No. 13 Northeastern team that’s back at full strength. That game isn’t a gimme, as Northeastern has a low-but-realistic 27-percent shot at pulling off the upset. In the second round, Kansas would likely have to play No. 5 Auburn on a neutral court, and Auburn looks to be the favorite in that matchup despite having a worse seed. While Kansas is a good team, they haven’t been the same since center Udoka Azubuike suffered a season-ending injury in January and Lagerald Vick left the team in February. All told, Kansas’s 33-percent chance to get to the Sweet 16 is significantly lower than the 48 percent of the public that is picking them to get there.No. 3 LSU (East)Despite not winning the SEC tournament as its top seed, LSU is a fairly popular choice to get to the Sweet 16, with over 61 percent of the public picking them to make it. However, the Tigers only have about a 41-percent chance. Though they received a No. 3 seed and have been playing better since their lineup stabilized in January, overall LSU has been playing at closer to No. 5- or No. 6-seed quality. LSU is still the slight favorite to make the Sweet 16 over No. 6 Maryland, but it’s a lot closer than most people think. From the standpoint of making a contrarian pick, especially if you don’t have LSU going any farther, having them get upset before the Sweet 16 isn’t as crazy as it may seem.MORE FROM TEAMRANKINGS: NCAA Tournament Prediction ToolShould You Make All These Picks?Let’s reiterate what all this information means from a bracket strategy standpoint.Should you avoid putting all four of these overrated teams above in your Sweet 16 this year? No, almost certainly not. Two of them are still our favorites to emerge from their pods. In most pools, you’d be taking on way too much risk by not picking any of these teams to win two games.last_img read more