first_imgFor the Week of 08/01/2009. There were 785 new regular benefit claims for Unemployment Insurance last week, a decrease of 45 from the week before. Altogether 12,752 new and continuing claims were filed, 324 fewer than a week ago and 5,423 more than a year earlier. The Department also processed 3,862 First Tier claims for benefits under Emergency Unemployment Compensation, 2008 (EUC08), 63 more than a week ago. In addition, there were 749 Second Tier claims for benefits processed under the EUC08 program, which is an increase of 8 from the week before. The Unemployment Weekly Report can be found at: is external). Previously released Unemployment Weekly Reports and other UI reports can be found at: is external)last_img read more

first_img### Vermont Electric Cooperative’s (VEC) board of directors rejected a 20-year power offer from Entergy to purchase electricity produced at the Entergy Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant at below market prices. Directors voted 9 to 1 to reject the offer at a board meeting on Tuesday afternoon at VEC headquarters in Johnson. Following an overview of the proposed contract by VEC staff, VEC directors heard presentations from Arnie Gundersen, an independent nuclear engineering and safety expert from Fairewinds Associates, and Michael Colomb, Vermont Yankee site vice president, lwho presented their respective views and answered questions from the board. The meeting was also attended by several VEC members who provided comments during the meeting.Each VEC director present expressed their position on the VY offer balancing financial impacts against social and environmental concerns. Elected democratically by its consumers, VEC’s board of directors is responsible for setting policy for Vermont’s third largest electric distribution utility, which serves members in 74 towns in northern Vermont. ‘Unfortunately there are no easy energy choices,’ said Dave Hallquist, CEO. ‘However, VEC’s power supply is secure and stable through 2016. We will continue to seek competitively priced, long-term contracts that meet our members’ needs beyond 2016.’More information about the meeting, along with contact information for VEC directors, can be found on the VEC website at is external).Johnson, VT- Vermont Electric Cooperative. 4.26.2011last_img read more

Up to a few months ago, nobody talked about brothers Javier Eriberto Rivera Maradiaga and Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga who ran the Joya Grande Zoo in Honduras. But many Hondurans knew about their dealings. “The owners of the zoo are narcos,” was the word whispered throughout the country. It was a not-so-secret secret. In September the U.S. Treasury Department placed sanctions against the Rivera brothers, signaling them under the Kingpin Act as international drug traffickers and ring leaders of a band called “Los Cachiros” and eventually seized the zoo. Other family members were designated as well for their participation in international trafficking activities. “Los Cachiros is a violent drug trafficking organization in Honduras whose members plow illicit drug proceeds into businesses and properties in order to gain public legitimacy and launder their wealth,” according to a statement by Treasury’s Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control Adam J. Szubin. The other designated individuals apart from Javier Eriberto Rivera Maradiaga, 41, and Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga, 36, are their parents Santos Isidro Rivera Cardona, 65, and Esperanza Caridad Maradiaga Lopez, 64; siblings Maira Lizeth, 38, and Santos Isidro Rivera Maradiaga, 28; and Bismarck Antonio Lira Jiron, 36, a cell leader in Nicaragua who was arrested last year. The U.S. Treasury also identified businesses either owned, directed or controlled by the Rivera Maradiagas, among them a cattle and agriculture enterprise called Ganaderos Agricultores del Norte; an African palm oil producer known as Palma del Bajo Aguan; mining manufacturing company Minera Mi Esperanza; Inmobiliaria Rivera Maradiaga, focused on road construction; and zoo and eco-tourist park Joya Grande. As the announcement was made, local authorities launched operations in Tocoa and Bonito Oriental, Colón, as well as in Santa Cruz de Yojoa in Cortés, to seize the properties. The northeastern region where the Riveras operate is fertile. They began as cattle raiders, stealing and reselling animals in the departments of Colón and Olancho, police said. As their land holdings grew, so did their connections with suspected drug traffickers. By the early 2000s, police said they were moving drugs from South America to Mexican handlers in Guatemala. Drugs came in through La Mosquitia, transported to Colón and they cut the drugs down to smaller portions, authorities said. They hired local gang members to carry packets in backpacks on motorcycles to raise less suspicion. Authorities estimated the Cachiros earned between $2,000 and $2,500 per kilo transported. The Cachiros established themselves as the main coordinators for moving drugs to and from Honduras for Colombian and Mexican drug trafficking organizations, including the Sinaloa Cartel, employing land, air, and sea mediums, authorities said. Their activities have been linked to seizures of cocaine in Central America. Los Cachiros reportedly controls up to 90 percent of the clandestine airstrips in Honduras with assets worth at least $800 million. The Rivera Maradiaga’s wealth became apparent in the new branches they ventured in, opening the businesses as money laundering venues, authorities said. They stocked the northern markets with beef, they produced oil, they opened hotels, bought a soccer club and in 2010 opened Joya Grande Zoo, located 124 miles north of the capital Tegucigalpa. It shelters 58 species of animals, including a giraffe, zebras, llamas, kangaroos, camels, Siberian tigers, African lions, hippopotamuses and more, to complete a collection of 300 in total. The zoo, still open to the public under the government’s office of confiscated assets, covers about 200 hectares. It is a reminder of other famous narcos’ proclivity for exotic animals both in Mexico and Colombia. Joya Grande is one of 61 properties seized by local authorities in an operation that involved at least 200 police officers and military elements. By the end of September, the family’s lawyer, Kenneth Araujo, told reporters that the confiscated properties were obtained legally and that some of the properties didn’t even belong to the Rivera Maradiagas, like the zoo. “It never belonged to them,” he said. Zoo employees claimed they did not know the park belonged to traffickers. The government, in turn, decided to hire everyone already working in the zoo and keep it open to visitors who pay the equivalent of $20 –just like in the past, to enjoy all the entertainment options offered in the grounds, from canopy rides to aquatic slides, in addition to the $150 cabin accommodations for those who wish to stay overnight. “The loyalty of employees and members of the community is not surprising,” explains security analyst María Luisa Borjas. “These people employ hundreds of people. They established their businesses in remote areas with very little or inexistent governmental presence and they help locals in many ways. Neighbors are indebted to them and even resent it when authorities step in accusing their benefactors and altering the order of things.” The seizure represents the first phase of the operation against Los Cachiros, said Honduran Police Chief, Juan Carlos Bonilla. “There will be a second phase,” he said. He didn’t provide details of what may come next. Authorities have since confiscated 44 properties. All of them were vacated, police said. At least 70 bank accounts –in Lempiras and Dollars, around a dozen commercial enterprises and 24 vehicles also were seized. The director of the government’s office of seized assets (Oficina Administradora de Bienes Incautados, OABI), Humberto Palacios Moya, confirmed no money was found in the accounts. “They were emptied with anticipation.” In PARAGUAY, narcs and mobsters are presenting themselves as candidates for the traditional political parties…meaning, they don’t have zoos…but they do buy political parties. By Dialogo December 05, 2013 read more

first_imgBy Marcos Ommati/Diálogo March 06, 2017 Boa Noite !Primeiramente quero agradecer a atençao ,queria muito ter a oportunidade de minha filha entrar na Marinha do Brasil ,mas nao sei como fazer gostaria de ter uma ajuda de como proceder ,ela e uma menina muito responsável em tudo uma otima filha ,agradeço se obtiver uma resposta ficarei grata sei que com a ajuda de Deus vamos conseguir .OBRIGADO The main operational arm of the Brazilian Marine Corps (CFN, per its Portuguese acronym) is part of the Fleet Marine Squad (FFE, per its Portuguese acronym). Its mission is to develop naval land operations. FFE originated after the Second World War out of the need observed by the Brazilian Military to develop a modernized force with amphibious capability, for use as the country’s naval power. The current commander of FFE is Marine Lieutenant General Alexandre José Barreto de Mattos who, coincidentally, on the day he gave this interview to Diálogo – February 14th – was promoted to general, and will soon lead the entire Brazilian Marine Corps.Diálogo: FFE celebrated 60 years in February. Why should this be considered a historical date?Lieutenant General Alexandre José Barreto de Mattos: Any force, institution, or individual who has existed for 60 years has already gone through a lot in their lives, having behind them a very important history. The history of the Fleet Marine Force is no different. It has a glorious history, one that is always evolving, and the work it performs is always evolving. As a result, we have today a Fleet Marine Force that is well respected in any mission it participates in, especially those in support of keeping peace in other countries, and those that guarantee the safety of Brazilian citizens in the various Law and Order Maintenance (GLO, per its Portuguese acronym) operations. The Marine Corps is well respected, together with the Brazilian Navy, of which it is a member, as well as respected by the Brazilian people, and all other branches of the Armed Forces.Diálogo: You will vacate your position soon. What has been your greatest challenge as FFE commander?Lt. Gen. Alexandre: To command the FFE is a dream come true for any Marine officer. I would say that my greatest challenge was to ensure that all conditions were in place, as required, for discipline, training, and detailed planning, as well as to provide employment to more than 6,000 men of the Fleet Marine Force, with the utmost safety and security. We need to be well-trained and prepared to ensure that our people who use real ammunition, and who are always finding themselves in situations of risk, can work safely. We need to provide them with the required conditions to ensure they always go back home safely at the end of the day, or upon completing a mission. This is our greatest challenge.Diálogo: How does the Marine Corps participate, and have a presence in the Amazon Region, the so-called Green Amazon?Lt. Gen. Alexandre: We have two riverine operation battalions: the 1st Riverine Operations Battalion under the command of the 9th Naval District; and the 2nd Riverine Operations Battalion under the 4th Naval District. These two battalions operate in the Green Amazon Region conducting riverine operations, ensuring river channel security, and carrying out inspections of ships. They also perform inspections related to waterway traffic in that region. These battalions also conduct internal security operations to guarantee that the rivers in the Amazon Basin are being properly used, and perform joint exercises with the other armed forces, as well as with other security and law enforcement agencies which are directly responsible for defensive actions, or actions against drug trafficking.Diálogo: What type of support can Marines provide in these operations?Lt. Gen. Alexandre: In these operations, that are also conducted with law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Police and the local police forces, the battalions can provide major logistics and information support to those responsible for actions against drug traffickers, thus creating the appropriate and required safety and security conditions so they can successfully complete this type of mission.Diálogo: Brazil’s Marine Corps (CFN, per its Portuguese acronym) participated in the safety and security operations for the 2016 Olympics, the 2014 Soccer World Cup, and also during the occupation of the so-called slum complexes of Alemão, Penha and Maré. The Corps is presently in Haiti as part of the United Nations Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH), but also in Law and Order Maintenance operations in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, in addition to performing scanning operations in the penitentiaries of Natal, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte.How do you prepare a force to conduct so many different missions? Lt. Gen. Alexandre: We have a very intense training unit that provides support in preparing our personnel, starting from the lowest positions. A major part of this cycle is what we call the central axis. This is a classical term of FFE training. All this training and all the planning related to it, allows our soldiers to put into practice, throughout the year, the abilities that are essential in performing any task: discipline, total obedience to the principles of hierarchy, and a strong ability to perform detailed planning. Once these factors are sufficiently practiced over the course of a year, the Marine will have the right skills that will allow him to perform what he is assigned. Also, the Marine Corps is highly professional, i.e., from the soldier to the general; they are all professionals and volunteers, they have all been subject to qualification exams, and they all invest heavily in their careers. The Marines do not include conscripts, i.e., those that spend some required time with the Force (usually 10 months) just to comply with military service requirements. They are all professionals; this is the profession they chose to follow.This makes it easier to conduct training, and it also facilitates learning during the courses and promotes more engagement in doing the required tasks once they are assigned to the CFN. We work under the doctrine of organization by tasks. In other words, any task assigned to the Marine Corps is performed by forming an operational group of Marines. When we talk about a marine operational group, we mean an arrangement of means and personnel that give a Marine the ability to last in action with administrative and planning autonomy. This also helps in situations where, for example, we are working with Law and Order Maintenance and, all of a sudden, the same group has to be moved to peace-keeping operations and, at the same time, perform other actions where a stronger use of the Force is required.Diálogo: One cannot deny that the participation in peace-keeping missions and Law and Order Maintenance, which are real, not just training exercises, end up being very beneficial to those you lead. Lt. Gen. Alexandre: Absolutely. All these major events we participate in, all the Law and Order Maintenance actions in the communities, both in and outside of Rio de Janeiro, and Haiti itself, are real operations. This has become of fundamental importance to the evolution of the Marine Corps. Nowadays, it is really rare to find any ranked military person who has not participated in at least one of these events, i.e., who has not had at least one real mission experience. Let us not forget that we are also in Lebanon participating in UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon). We should also not forget that we have security squads in embassies, which are very real missions too. When you are responsible for the security of an ambassador or diplomat, you are very much performing a real mission.Diálogo: It is possible that MINUSTAH will be decommissioned in a few months. Is CFN already considering the use of the force for operations in other countries?Lt. Gen. Alexandre: Yes, Brazil’s Ministry of Defense has already received requests for our participation in U.N. missions in Cyprus, Lebanon, Congo, Western Sahara, Central African Republic, Liberia, Syria, Ivory Coast, and Sudan, which are all countries facing considerable difficulties in keeping their domestic security. As a result, international organizations are considering the possibility of sending troops for peace-keeping missions in those countries.Diálogo: How important is it that the Brazilian Marine Corps interact with other countries’ Marine Corps?Lt. Gen. Alexandre: Sharing experiences is of utmost importance for us and them, as this is a two-way street. Of course, there has to be a balance in the sharing of experiences. As it always happens in international relations, there have to be trade-offs, negotiations, and proper planning. Whatever we receive from one side, we can also use to the same extent in relaying our experiences to other countries. This is important because it is also useful for the joint operations work and exactly to what is involved in such operations. UNITAS is a classic example of this.last_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The body of the kayaker who went missing nine days ago in Lake Ronkonkoma has been recovered, Suffolk County police said Saturday. He was identified as 40-year-old Kevin Conley of Sound Beach.Conley’s body was recovered in the lake, police said. Police released a brief statement which said his body was recovered Saturday afternoon. Suffolk police and New York State police were both involved in Saturday’s recovery operation. Conley’s body was transported to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office, police said. Conley went missing Aug. 14 after witnesses saw him calling for help around 3:30 p.m. A rescue attempt by Good Samaritans failed when they eventually lost sight of him. Police recovered Conley’s kayak last Saturday. The search went on for more than a week with authorities searching Lake Ronkonkoma “continuously as manpower permitted,” the spokeswoman said. State police were brought in Saturday for assistance, she said.last_img read more

first_imgArsenal players openly ‘taking the p***’ out of Unai Emery as pressure on the manager increases Comment Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterFriday 1 Nov 2019 11:12 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.5kShares The Spaniard faces an uncertain future after a number of sub-par performances (Picture: Getty)Unai Emery is in danger of losing the Arsenal dressing room, with a number of players reportedly still perplexed by their manager and openly mocking him.The Gunners have struggled on the pitch in recent weeks, losing away to Sheffield United, drawing at home to Crystal Palace despite leading by two goals and forfeiting another lead in their Carabao Cup exit against Liverpool on Wednesday.As well as troubling results on the pitch, Arsenal have also been dealing with the fallout from captain Granit Xhaka’s clash with fans and there are serious question marks over Emery’s handling of the situation.center_img Advertisement Arsenal desperately need to bounce back with a win against Wolves on Saturday (Picture: Getty)Pressure is growing on the Spanish coach, with performances well below expectations amid some rather strange tactical and personnel decisions, though he still has the support of the Arsenal board.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTThe mood is slightly different among the players, though, with The Independent reporting that some members of the squad are now ‘mercilessly taking the p***’ out of Emery.Some of the younger players are even doing impressions of their manager, who has become a bit of a comedy figure for always starting interviews and press conferences with, ‘good ebening’.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityAs well as openly mocking Emery, a number of players still can’t understand what he is saying despite having undergone extensive English lessons.That has resulted in a lack of clarity in training sessions, which is reflected in performances on the pitch, while his constant switching of tactical approaches – sometimes dominating possession, sometimes sitting off – is hard to figure out.Good evening, Mr. Emery! One of the politest men in football 😁#UELFinal— Football on BT Sport (@btsportfootball) May 28, 2019 Speaking about the mood at the club between fans and players, Emery explained after the Xhaka episode: ‘We need them. We need to be strong inside. We need to be strong also. The club is strong. Then we need to transmit and connect with them.‘The last matches we connected sometimes yes, sometimes no. When we won and when we played for example before Sunday and drew – it’s not a good result, there were good moments but at the end we didn’t win. But before we won a special and different match in the Europa League with a very good connection with our supporters.‘The challenge now, we know, is we need to improve our control of the game, to play better in our style and idea, to do one step ahead, to be strong. Then we have players and capacity with that improvement to add better results for the next matches.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenallast_img read more

first_imgThe kitchen in the apartment at 2703/140 Alice St, Brisbane. Picture: apartments are still big sellers in Brisbane’s residential market, despite an oversupply of units in the inner-city market.The Abian tower, overlooking Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens, has attracted buyers such as celebrity chef Matt Moran, who forked out about $1 million for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom pad on level four of the building. The Abian residential building at 140 Alice St, Brisbane. Picture: three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment on the 27th floor of the building is for sale for a cool $2.68 million — that’s more than $12,000 a month in mortgage repayments. For that kind of money, you do get uninterrupted views over the Botanic Gardens to the Brisbane River, Kangaroo Point Cliffs and South Brisbane. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE It was originally purchased in August 2014 for $2.69 million. This apartment at 2703/140 Alice St, Brisbane, is for sale. Picture: agent Alex Jordon of McGrath Estate Agents said the vendors had originally planned to move into the apartment but bought a house in Indooroopilly instead, so decided to put the apartment back on the market.“What makes this apartment so desirable is that it’s a G-type layout,” Mr Jordan said.“We’ve had people fly up from Sydney and Melbourne just to view the apartment.”More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this homeless than 1 hour agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investorless than 1 hour agoHe said interest was mostly from owner occupiers, but also from some business people looking for a Brisbane base. Mr Jordan said he had also received an offer for a two-bedroom apartment in the building.The offer for number 803 was just under $1 million.Another three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment at 2502/140 Alice Street is also back on the market after selling in 2014 for $1.62 million.It’s now being advertised for sale for $1.78 million through Matt Lancashire and Hamish Bowman of Ray White New Farm. One of the bedrooms in the apartment at 2703/140 Alice St, Brisbane. Picture: 40-level tower features a 24-hour concierge, plunge pools, and treatment rooms, all fragranced with a specially created Abian perfume created in France. Brisbane’s most liveable suburbs Retail boss loses $400K selling Brisbane pad The top retirement hot spots Nearly 110 of Abian’s 147 apartments sold out before launch in 2014 at an average price of $1.6 million.“In terms of the level of finish and facilities available, (Abian is) the best product we’ve seen for a high rise in Brisbane ever,” Mr Jordan said. He said apartments in the project traded for $12,000 per square metre on average — much cheaper than a comparable product in Sydney which would trade for almost four times as much.“We think that gap is going to close because the Sydney market is easing and we’re seeing growth and confidence in the Brisbane market now,” Mr Jordan said.center_img The plunge pool in the Abian apartment complex at 140 Alice St, Brisbane. Picture: The gold leaf ceiling of the foyer in the Abian residential tower in the Brisbane CBD.IF you’re looking for a new level of satisfaction in luxury apartment living, it’s not too late to buy into Brisbane’s sexiest high rise residential project.Two brand new, never-been-lived-in apartments are back on the market in Sunland’s sold out Abian complex — replete with Turkish baths and hand-applied gold leaf foyer.That’s right — more than 1000 gold leaf squares were hand applied to the suspended ceiling that flows through the foyer and into the lift lobby in the $239 million project, which has just been completed.last_img read more

first_imgNorwegian ship owner and operator Ocean Yield ASA has taken delivery of three long range 2 (LR2) product tankers built in China.The ships in question are the 2018-built Navig8 Pride, the 2018-built Navig8 Providence and the 2019-built Navig8 Prestige.As informed, the vessels were acquired from a Chinese leasing company with nine-year bareboat charters to Navig8 Topco Holdings.Data provided by VesselsValue shows that Ocean Yield purchased a total of four L2 tankers from China’s Minsheng Financial Leasing in the second half of November 2019.The fourth vessel, the 2018-built Navig8 Precision, is expected to be delivered next week, Ocean Yield said.All four vessels are fitted with scrubbers and are part of Navig8’s Alpha8 Pool.Following the latest acquisition, Ocean Yield’s fleet currently comprises about 70 vessels.last_img read more

first_imgTreñas also stressed the importance of proper coordination so that the city government could prepare for the returning OFWs such as their quarantine area and the provisions needed. According to the city mayor, what he was asking from the regional task force on the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was the strict adherence to safety protocols to ensure that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease, won’t spread in Iloilo and endanger the lives of residents. According to the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), one batch would have 232 OFWs (Aklan, 28; Antique, 29; Capiz, 25; and Iloilo, 150) while the other batch, 301 (Aklan, 53; Antique, 24; Capiz, 30; and Iloilo, 194). “We will clarify this. Indi nami nga ginaguba ang syudad. Lain diri ang nagakatabo, lain man sugid sa babaw,” said Treñas. Late Monday night in a televised address to the nation, Duterte said, local government units such as Iloilo City must not turn away returning overseas Filipino workers “o pipilitin kong sumunod kayo. I don’t want to embarrass people.” “Our position is clear. We want Ilonggo OFWs back and be with their families. However, because Iloilo province is under an enhanced community quarantine, we have protocols to follow,” said Defensor. ILOILO City – The President was likely fed with the wrong information, according to Mayor Jerry Treñas. He denied having prevented Manila-stranded overseas workers from returning to Iloilo. Treñas did not name anyone who could be giving President Rodrigo Duterte with false information but gave a hint, “Sila man to may access sa babaw.” “There was never an instance or occasion nga ginpa-untat ta ang pagbaton sang OFWs,” stressed Treñas yesterday. Two more batches of OFWs are set to return to Western Visayas. This should not happen again, said Treñas. He cited as example the return of some 40 OFWs from Cebu City in the second week of April and the over 200 others just this April 29 from Metro Manila. He lamented what happened to the OFWs who returned last week. Meals were delayed at a hotel here they were quarantined and there was no regular checking of their health condition, such as their temperature. (Fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19.) For his part, Iloilo province’s Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. defended his recent request to MARINA to defer the scheduled May 2 return of the 232 OFWs stranded in Manila. He said they must first undergo polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 tests in Manila and that their results must be negative of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. He also pointed out that five of these OFWs tested positive for COVID-19 despite claims that their tests in Manila – prior to their departure to Iloilo – showed them without SARS-CoV-2. “I think may naga-intriga. Sa akon paglantaw lain ang information ang nagalab-ot sa babaw,” he said. The regional COVID-19 task force itself on May 4 sent Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., chief implementer of the COVID-19 National Action Plan, a letter seeking the postponement of the return of stranded OFWs./PNlast_img read more

first_imgA windy Wednesday will be accompanied by rain and snow.The warm temperatures on Monday and Tuesday allowed many residents to enjoy outdoor activities like jogging. On Wednesday, some will be running inside to escape the rain and snow.Forecasters said the rain moving through the region Tuesday morning will transition to snow and possible sleet by the afternoon, with an expected accumulation around an inch. A few nighttime flurries are expected as temperatures drop to 10 to 15 degrees.Winds will increase through the morning and peak during the afternoon possibly as high as 45 mph. The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for the entire listening area through the late afternoon and early evening hours.Scattered tree and power line damage is possible along with some minor property damage. High winds could make driving difficult, especially for vans, trucks and SUV’s.The extended forecast reveals a cold Thursday before temperatures increase to the upper 50’s by Friday and remain in the 40’s through the weekend.last_img read more