first_imgNZHerald 7 November 2013The way to address night time alcohol-related crime and violence is to reduce the opening hours for licensed premises, a visiting Australian researcher says.Associate Professor Peter Miller of Australia’s Deakin University presented the findings of two major studies at a research seminar in Auckland.The research compared six Australian cities over three years and involved talking to more than 11,000 patrons.“The studies looked at the effectiveness of interventions for reducing alcohol-related offending and injuries,” Professor Miller said.“When we looked at the findings from the cities of Newcastle and Geelong, for example, we found the most effective intervention was a reduction in trading hours.”In Newcastle, where trading hour restrictions and a number of other interventions were imposed on licensed premises, there were significant improvements in alcohol-related injuries and offending, he said. read more

first_imgNZ Herald 6 August 2017The number of Kiwis getting medical intervention for eating disorders has increased by more than 40 per cent in the last five years.But sufferers’ families say there are still not enough hospital beds to keep up with demand.In 2011, Ministry of Health-funded specialist services treated 894 people who were critically unwell through illnesses such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders.Last year, 1290 New Zealanders with severe eating disorders were treated through these services.Four years ago the ministry said the number of beds in hospital mental health wards and residential facilities for people with severe eating disorders had increased from 12 to 27 since 2009.Today however the ministry says it doesn’t know how many beds are allocated specifically to people battling eating disorders as its data does not identify mental health beds by diagnosis.READ MORE: read more

first_imgDeseret News 17 March 2018Family First Comment: “Utah lawmakers said they were prompted to pass the law after seeing other states where parents had been investigated and in some cases had their children temporarily removed when people reported seeing kids playing basketball in their yards or walking to school alone. Headline-grabbing cases have included a Maryland couple investigated after allowing their 10- and-6-year-old children to walk home alone from a park in 2015. Republican Sen. Lincoln Fillmore of South Jordan has said allowing kids to try things alone helps prepare them for the future, though some have raised concerns the law could be used as defenses in child-abuse cases if not carefully deployed.”We may need a “Let Parents Be Parents” law in NZ….So-called free-range parenting will soon be the law of the land in Utah after the governor signed what appears to be the country’s first measure to formally legalize allowing kids to do things on their own to foster self-sufficiency.The bill, which Gov. Gary Herbert announced Friday that he’d signed, specifies that it isn’t neglectful to let kids do things alone like travel to school, explore a playground or stay in the car. The law takes effect May 8.Utah’s law is the first in the country, said Lenore Skenazy, who coined the term free-range parent. A records search by the National Conference of State Legislatures didn’t turn up any similar legislation in other states.Utah lawmakers said they were prompted to pass the law after seeing other states where parents had been investigated and in some cases had their children temporarily removed when people reported seeing kids playing basketball in their yards or walking to school alone.Headline-grabbing cases have included a Maryland couple investigated after allowing their 10- and-6-year-old children to walk home alone from a park in 2015.Republican Sen. Lincoln Fillmore of South Jordan has said allowing kids to try things alone helps prepare them for the future, though some have raised concerns the law could be used as defenses in child-abuse cases if not carefully deployed.The law states the child must be mature enough to handle those things but leaves the age purposely open-ended so police and prosecutors can work on a case-by-case basis, Fillmore has said.READ MORE: read more

first_imgThe new embassy is further away from the centre now. On the seventh of August 1998, hundreds of people were killed in simultaneous truck bomb explosions at the U.S. Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. The attack brought al-Qaeda to the international stage for the first time. President Obama says it’s, quote, ‘wondeful to be back in Kenya’. But as we mentioned he also took a moment to reflect on recent violence in Kenya’s modern history – specifically honouring the victims of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Nairobi. Obama laid a wreath to the victims. The site of the attack in central Nairbi is now a memorial park.last_img read more

first_imgLocalNews Hon. Hector John Reiterates Call For Office of Leader of Opposition. by: – May 3, 2011 Share Share Share Leader of the Opposition Mr. Hector JohnOpposition Leader Hector John is reiterating the need for the availability of an office for the leader of the opposition.The establishment of an office for opposition leaders was one of the issues discussed at the 35th Annual Conference of Regional Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in Trinidad which John attended.John says not only will this serve as a means of respect for the leader of the opposition but it will help eliminate several problems affecting his position.“I think you would need an office as leader of the Opposition. It will go a long way in assisting the office. There are people who want to meet the leader of the opposition and I have to meet them at the United Workers Party office…” he said. John says he is not agreeing with statements that the country’s economy is unable to afford an office for the leader of the opposition.Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says his Government is not opposed to suggestions of an office for the opposition leader in Dominica.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img 23 Views   no discussions Tweet Sharing is caring!last_img read more

first_img Tweet Share Share LocalNews Prevost Motion & Halcrow Report Confirm UWP International Airport Plan by: – August 4, 2011 Hon. Norris Prevost.Prevost Motion & Halcrow Report Confirm UWP Money & Work on International Airport, says former Minister of Ports Norris Prevost. Mr Blackmore’s claims that UWP did not leave money (EC$108M) for the construction of a new airport, or that the Airport designed by Stanley and Planning, on Runaway “G” would not meet ICAO standards or would not be an all weather airport, are dead wrong and misleading.Mr. Blackmore and his Labour government chose the wrong airport, and completely missed the flight in April 2003, when they rejected the motion which I brought to Parliament on behalf of the UWP, asking government to set up a special Committee comprised of Members of Parliament from all three political parties, to work with government in arriving at the best short, medium and long term solutions, to Dominica’s critical air access problem.The motion, entitled Re-Examination of Possibility of Constructing the International Airport, reported in the Hansard of Parliament for 28th April 2003, confirms the work done and  money EC$108million, left by UWP. The Halcrow Report Confirms Technical Feasibility  of the Design.The motion read: “Whereas the Dominica labour Party, the Dominica Freedom Party, and the United Workers Party all agreed in their 2000 Election Manifesto that an international Airport was absolutely vital to Dominica’s medium and long term tourism development, and Dominica overall economic development; And Whereas all three political parties committed themselves to the construction of an international airport; And Whereas substantial work had been done by the UWP Government towards the construction of an international airport including, (1) purchasing the land (2) negotiation of 12.5m Euros (EC$34.5m) from the European Union and US$20m from the Govt of the republic of China on Taiwan (ROC); And whereas at this moment govt intends to spend the bulk of the 12.5MEuros ($34.5M) on improving Melville hall Airport; And Whereas these improvements to Melville hall will only meet the very short term needs of Dominica’s tourism development; And whereas a large investment in Melville Hall Airport at this stage would make it very difficult for Dominica to economically justify the construction of an international airport for the next 15 years; Be it therefore resolved that government reconsiders its decision to light Melville hall Airport, and re-examine the possibility of continuing with the international airport. And be it further resolved that parliament sets up a special Committee comprised of Members of Parliament from all three political parties, to work with govt in arriving at the best short, medium and long term solutions, to Dominica’ critical air access problem.” Every member of the Labour govt voted Dominica’s international airport.  1. The Halcrow Report Confirmed Technical Feasibility of UWP DesignStanley and Planning report page 1-5, guidelines and Assumptions, confirm that “ICAO standards apply”; p6-9 confirms runaway “ G” to have 99.85 wind coverage, less severe to moderate terrain problems, moderate excavation, moderate costs, and uninterrupted airport operation. The technical feasibility of the project is further confirmed by The Halcrow Report, which concludes categorically  p51 “..The scheme remains, however a technically feasible one and has been used as the basis for comparison with the option of upgrading Melville hall”. Mr Blackmore and Labour’s claims that UWP did not leave money are dead wrong. They are misleading and should be completely ignored.Press ReleaseHon. Norris Prevostcenter_img Share 55 Views   one comment Sharing is caring!last_img read more

first_img Sharing is caring! 49 Views   one comment Share Tweet Tourism Minister Hon. Ian DouglasDominica’s Tourism Minister Ian Douglas has announced that there is need for a review of the island’s Tourism Policy and Master Plan.The Tourism Policy is a projection on how tourism can contribute to Dominica’s social, economic and cultural needs for a four year period while the Tourism Master Plan outlines an operational plan for the development of tourism for the period 2005 – 2015. Mr. Douglas told a press conference last week that the Tourism Master Plan was developed before 2005 and in light of “some major global cataclysmic issues “ which have occurred there is critical need for a review of the plan.According to Douglas, these cataclysmic issues have severally affected the “source markets” such as the United States and Europe.He further explained; “When we created the master plan back in 2004/2005 we never anticipated that the world would have had to deal with that financial crisis”.The effect of that crisis is that several of these countries are facing bankruptcy therefore their citizens who would ordinarily visit the Caribbean on vacation are not able to do so.“The world financial crisis have caused countries, major source markets like the US and Europe to be cash strapped and so we hear Greece and Spain and these countries literally facing bankruptcy so if these countries are in that situation then their citizens really have less money to spend on a holiday cruise. If persons in the US are losing their homes then the last thing that they will think about is to buy a cruise or to go on a holiday and so all those issues have affected the plan.”Another factor which has impacted on the Tourism Master Plan is the collapse of the Matthieu Dam into the Layou River in July of 2011 which caused severe flooding in that area. The implementation of some plans; a Biopark in Layou, has been affected by the environmental impact of the flooding.The Ministry therefore has to therefore rethink and re-strategizing the tourism policy and master plan.“We have to rethink the master plan we have to re-strategize, we have to go back to the drawing board and that’s what we’ve been doing; looking at the master plan, reviewing the tourism policy in light of the present global challenges.”This review will include a critical assessment with a view to identifying the project areas which have been completed and those that are still outstanding and a determination will be made as to the manner in which the outstanding projects are carried forward.Mr. Douglas also noted that the Ministry will receive assistance from the European Union which he says has been one of their major partners.The review is expected to commence in the 4th quarter of the financial year.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img LocalNews Dominica to review its Tourism Policy and Master Plan by: – February 29, 2012 Share Sharelast_img read more

first_imgGROS ISLET, St Lucia — The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) launched its Strategic Plan 2011-2016 at its annual general meeting in St Lucia last weekend. The strategic plan was approved by the board of directors last June and it builds on the recommendation of the WICB-commissioned DeloitteTouche study of the changing international cricket landscape.In addition to the DeloitteTouche study, consultations were held with various cricket stakeholders, after which the strategic plan was formulated.The plan will guide the operations and activities until 2016 towards a path of sustainability and improved performance.The strategic plan provides four broad objectives that will be pursued over the next five years:i. The development of a sustainable cricketing environment and improvement in team performance ii. Transforming WICB to become an efficient, effective professionally managed cricket governing body by 2013iii. Building a network of relationships that are critical for cricket to grow as a sport and to implement the WICB Strategic Plan iv. Commercialization of cricket to provide the resources needed to sustain our cricketing activities. WICB president, Dr Julian Hunte, commented: “This momentous strategic plan will fundamentally transform the manner in which we manage and govern West Indies cricket. It is geared towards ensuring that the WICB is professional and accountable to the fans of West Indies cricket within the radically changing global landscape of cricket.”“Implementing this strategic plan will require bold and tough decisions on our part but as a board we are committed to change, transparency, continuing improved performance and progress,” Hunte added.Summarized copies of the strategic plan were distributed to all attendees of the AGM. Both the summarized version and the full version of the WICB Strategic Plan 2011-2016 are available online at News Now Sharing is caring! 59 Views   no discussions Share Sharecenter_img Share NewsSports WICB launches Strategic Plan 2011-2016 by: – March 29, 2012 Tweetlast_img read more

first_img Loading… FIFA is considering postponing the Asian World Cup qualifiers due to be played this month because of the coronavirus outbreak, the global football body said on Thursday China’s matches against Maldives at home and Guam away have already been moved Buriram, Thailand, and will be played behind closed doors FIFA said it would provide an update following consultations with the national associations and would continue to monitor the situation in co-operation with the World Health Organisation However, more than two dozen other matches are scheduled to be played around the continent over two match days on 26 and 31 March.Advertisement “A formal proposal to postpone upcoming matches in the Asian FIFA World Cup 2022 and the Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers will now be shared with the relevant member associations,” said FIFA in a statement. “For both FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the well-being and health of all individuals involved in football matches remains the highest priority,” it added. read also: Top Swiss prosecutor has salary cut over FIFA case lies FIFA said it would provide an update following consultations with the national associations and would continue to monitor the situation in co-operation with the World Health Organisation (WHO). FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Top 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All TimeThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreBest Car Manufacturers In The World7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe6 Extreme Facts About HurricanesHere Are The Top 10 Tiniest Mobile Phones On The Planet!Wondering What And When Will Finally Be The Undoing Of Us?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?last_img read more

first_img Shoretire appeared at the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland at the age of 13 in 2017. But he came to the fore last season when he made history. Aged just 14 years and 314 days he came on as a sub in United’s 2-1 win over Valencia, and became the youngest player to appear in the UEFA Youth League – a competition reserved for Under-19 teams. “We want to keep them humble, hard-working,” Ryan explained. “It’s not just the coaching staff who do that, there are a number of staff throughout the academy, right throughout the place, feeding the same messages. It’s what we pride ourselves on. “When you see the professionalism of the likes of Marcus Rashford, he’s the shining example. Scott McTominay, so on. These boys are products of the academy and the staff who work with them. They are our examples. “Good players can enjoy the big stage. [Shoretire] is a really exciting player. He’s evolving and developing, can play a number of different positions, he showed a great maturity I thought.” Last year Shoretire made history as the youngest ever UEFA Youth League player With the stage set, Shoretire has a good chance in joining first teamers Rashford and McTominay if he plays his cards right. And then, if he’s good enough, international honours could follow. Read Also:Man Utd celebrate Shola Shoretire’s progress At the age of 16, with the world at its feet, decisions on who he could represent can wait for now. But his first step is to conquer United. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Promoted Content7 Mysterious Discoveries From All Around The WorldWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do This9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Only The Chosen Ones Can Appear On-Screen Even After Their DeathTop 10 Tiniest Phones Ever MadeBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?Top 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World Manchester United wonderkid, Shola Shoretire, has been likened to former Nigeria skipper, Austin Jay-Jay Okocha and played for the Under-19 team aged just 14. And with exciting forward  Shoretire, Manchester United are hedging their bets that they’ve unearthed the next big thing. This week it was revealed that Shoretire, who only turned 16 last month, had already signed schoolboy terms, as well as a pre-contract to turn professional with the club. His rapid ascension through the youth ranks will surely see the Nigerian-born star in United’s first team in the near future. The skilful attacker’s game has even been compared to African football legend Jay-Jay Okocha, who graced Premier League pitches with Bolton Wanderers in the early 2000s. The diminutive teen, comfortable with both feet, can play out wide and through the middle. It’s testament to his ability that United are already confident he has the ability to succeed at the highest level by offering him a contract this early in his life. Shoretire joined Manchester United’s youth set up at the age of 10 from Newcastle, and has blossomed since his arrival. Last week, he scored his first ever goal at Old Trafford – opening the scoring against Wigan Athletic and firing United into the semi-final of the FA Youth Cup. Amusiingly, earlier in the day he was studying for his GCSEs. “He was at school today, all day! Then he came over to Old Trafford to play,” Under-18 coach Neil Ryan revealed. “It’s incredible really. Different day for him compared to other players.”last_img read more